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One of the sculptures on display.   | Photo Credit: by arrangement

Chitra Stutee, a series of shows showcasing creativity of the students of the department of visual art of Bhubanerswar-based Utkal University of Culture, has not only boosted the spirit of the aspiring artists but has also added colour to the cultural calendar of the capital city. The rave response of the connoisseurs and visitors to the recently mounted sculpture show was an indicator.

Twenty five young sculptors mounted the show that showcased 16 exhibits and all the works bore a contemporary touch — both in content and treatment. Although young, these artists are more reactive to the changes taking shape at a faster pace in their world and their reactions were duly reflected in their works of art. One that arrested every visitor's attention was a globe with a number of human heads hanging inside, it crafted out of fibre and metal by Priyabrata Das. Each face carried expressions of pain or frustration. Apparently, the sculptor was showing impact of global warming on the humans.

Similarly, Smrutiranjan Mallick's works dealt with female foeticide. Blood oozing out of a damaged egg and falling on the symbol of Venus symbolising women was touching and convincing. The issues that pose serious threat to human race today — such as environmental and ecological disaster, terrorism, communalism, poverty, unemployment and loneliness of the man — also took grip of several sculptors' imaginations.

A few of them, like Manas Maharana, attempted not to be swayed away from current affairs but failed to remain untouched by current trends. Manas sculpted the Buddha but his face was not calm and meditative as the onlookers would expect. Apparently, he was making a point that violence has rocked even the Buddha's beloved world.

Above all, the show, though displaying sparks of creativity in these young men and women, left the visitors disturbed, reminding them of the numerous issues plaguing their existence. And of course, therein lay the success of the artists.

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