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Have you walked out of a relationship with a heavy heart wishing you had said a little less and listened a lot more? Or displayed road rage that did nothing for your self esteem and even less for your reputation? Unfortunately, it’s often too late that we realise that we could have dealt with a problematic situation or person more tactfully. Non-Violent Communication (NVC) is just that – a way around difficult situations without either party falling to pieces with tools to reach soft solutions. NVC evolved through Dr Marshall B Rosenberg’s quest for peacemaking skills and is all about the ability to be aware and open to settle differences harmoniously.

Be it a parent-child issue, a husband-wife discord or a manager-employee disagreement, NVC helps one see that every individual has only good intentions and beautiful needs at the very core. So although a demand may seem unreasonable on the face of it, when one takes the trouble to dig a little deeper, one is often able to unearth well meaning thoughts that are sometimes disguised in harsh words and acts. In the city for the first time, NVC facilitator Shammi Nanda advocated NVC for Parenting besides everyday life in workshops held at Sacred Space and the Centre For Learning. Anantha, Corporate Trainer and participant says, “This is my first workshop and I find NVC is a beautiful concept that can be widely used by every individual.”

Rosenberg simply divides all spoken words as falling into the two categories of ‘a please’ and ‘a thank you.’ Every please and thank you in turn is demonstrated through strategies which again surface as a feeling with a need at its crux.

All of this can be deciphered through keen observation, active listening and a genuine offering of empathy. NVC does not advocate agreeing with everybody and every opinion but certainly encourages compassion bringing an inner peace while providing room for dialogue and hope for harmony. Surely, Nonviolence was not only required in the pre-Independence era, in fact it is the need of the hour with the globe shrinking and individual stress levels at an all-time high. Hence, if you want to say it, NVC suggests you say it non-violently for that is precisely the way you would like to hear it!

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