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Students and parents registering at 'The Hindu Education Plus Career Counselling 2012' held in Hyderabad on Sunday. Photo: G.Ramakrishna  

If a candidate’s caste status is mentioned wrongly, is there a chance for correction at a later stage?

Verification of the caste certificate is an important step before the online counselling process. During this verification errors, if any, will be corrected and the social status of a candidate will definitely be considered for admission.

What is the difference between a deemed university and an affiliated university?

Deemed universities have opened up as a new stream of universities promoted by the government. However, affiliated universities have a long-standing as against relatively new deemed universities.

Should importance be given to a college or the stream of engineering?

This question has been raking the minds of parents and students for years. For colleges to run successfully they have to posses the credentials of good infrastructure and faculty does. Before taking admission, it is very important to study a college very carefully first and then examine the course.

Also, a student’s aptitude has to be considered before choosing a course.

For those who have a feel for numbers and logical ability, Computer Science Engineering (CSE) is a good option. While IT and CSE courses only require proper guidance, having hands-on machinery experience at the college is essential for core engineering subjects. Here it is essential to pick a well-equipped college.

What is the criterion for a candidate to be considered a local during the admission process?

To be considered a local, a candidate should have studied for four years in an institution within the State before appearing for the qualifying examination study. If the student has studies outside the State for even one out of the four year, then he or she will be considered a non-local.

Can students who have qualified the EAMCET apply for architecture colleges?

Till 2002 architecture was part of EAMCET and an additional aptitude test had to be written for admission into an architecture college. But now students have to write the National Admission Test for Architecture (NATA) to be admitted into an architecture course. It has nothing to do with EAMCET.

Only students who have mathematics as a core subject and at least 50 per cent marks in the 10+2 examination are eligible to appear for the test. The online exam has an aptitude paper and a drawing test, with negative marking.

What is the scope of bio-technology today?

Bio-technology is an extremely beneficial course for those who have an aptitude for high-end research. Although it will take time before a candidate can reap the benefits of the course, one can expect huge returns after pursuing higher education. A graduation alone is insufficient. The course will essentially address five areas to improve the quality of human life, namely food security, health, industry, energy and environment.

How is the quality of M.Tech education in India?

Quality of post-graduate education is dismal, pathetic and hopeless in our country. Barring a few institutions like the IITs, the education provided by most institutions is to no avail. Syllabus here is outdated and miserable and the hands-on experience provided by institutions is useless. It is best to go abroad to pursue post-graduate courses due enormous resources available with them.

How can the quality of an engineering college be determined?

Today it is easy to access the quality of a college is easy to determine due to numerous surveys, rankings and grading processes undertaken by several institutions. For instance, the World Bank ‘Technical Education Quality Improvement Program’ has identified the best 120 engineering colleges across the country excluding IITs by way of a survey conducted over a period of five years. The details of this survey are available at the website Even the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) website, where all colleges have to disclose certain information, is a direct indicator to the quality of a college.

However, the best way to determine the quality of a college is to go there directly and talk to third and fourth year students.

What are the top three engineering courses today?

The best course for a student is based solely on his or her area of interest. However, for those possessing good mathematical skills there is a huge scope in the subjects of Electronics and Computer Engineering (ECE) and Electronics and Electrical Engineering (EEE) as nearly 80 per cent of jobs are in the software sector.

Also, it is always better to opt for a core engineering subject rather than a blend like mechatronics as core subjects provide a strong foundation besides a broad scope.

What are the growth prospects after taking a subject like Civil Engineering?

Infrastructure is booming in India and a major complaint is that are no quality civil engineers to undertake these mammoth infrastructure projects. This is because majority of IT companies, who come first for placements, absorb students from all branches. But there are numerous placements in civil engineering, so do not get into IT after taking up a civil engineering course. Please wait for appropriate placement opportunities as there are plenty.

What undergraduate course should I take up to become efficient nano-technology engineer?

The best option for a candidate who chooses to specialise in nano-technology innovation is to take up the mechanical engineering, metallurgy or material science engineering at the undergraduate level.

Is it possible to swap engineering subjects in the second year if we secure a good percentage in the first year?

This may not be permissible in private colleges where the only option is take up electives in the area of your interest. However, in Government university colleges there are a small number of seats available for candidates to slide from one course to another, purely based on the performance in the first year. This happens if candidates in a particular course have dropped out or failed, to fill in the empty seats.

For a student who is partially handicapped with a dysfunctional hand, is it possible to take up mechanical engineering?

Definitely. Unless a student is visually challenged he can easily take up and succeed in the mechanical engineering course.

What is Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering and is it recommended?

It is largely a specialisation in electrical engineering with a hint of mechanical engineering. Today, progressing engineering areas require knowledge of instrumentation for manufacturing and maintenance. However, the prospects of taking the scope are limited to these areas and are not as broad as those of the core engineering courses.

How can a candidate’s employability be enhanced after four years of engineering education?

Try to be among the top 20 per cent in the class. You do not have to be a topper. Also, it essential to improve upon soft skills, like verbal ability, in the four years of engineering education. Write academic paper and organize events at the college level. If you posses core domain knowledge with soft skills, you are a hot cake for the industry.

Which has better prospects - CSE or ECE?

There would be a deficit of qualified engineers in ECE areas till 2020. ECE engineers will be required in telecommunications, embedded branches. For CSE, there is plenty of scope in IT development, networking, BPO technical support etc fields. The employability is very good.

What are the prospects for Biotechnology Engineering course?

It is a good choice provided you choose an institution with good infrastructure, scientific & technical and engineering tools. Students with maths background can develop in engineering streams. Those with BPC background can make a career in basic science streams. Government institutions have good faculty and funding for research, so they are better over private institutes.

Should a student opt for core subjects like ECE or Instrumentation or the branches like CSE or IT, which are in demand now?

Software sector is still booming. If one is interested in core branches, one can go ahead. But most jobs are available in IT so it’s wise to make a career in these fields.

Which branch would be ideal for students poor in physics?

CSE or IT would be better choice.

What is the difference between mechanical or automobile engineering?

Mechanical engineering is a broader area, including automobile engineering. If one is determined to become an automobile engineering, then BE in Automobile engineering is good. But if one is looking at wider career prospects, then mechanical engineering is better, because automobile companies are also recruiting mechanical engineering students.

What is aeronautical engineering?

Aeronautical engineering deals with design, maintenance of aircraft.

What are career prospects in Avionics?

There is plenty of scope in defence, airline industries and it would be a good choice.

What are the basic essentials for chemical engineering and future prospects?

Chemical engineering contributes in all engineering works. Right from mechanical engineering to IT industry, chemical engineers have a good role to play. There are many opportunities for students. There is acute shortage of chemical engineers in food processing, environmental, textile industry and also in mining and mineral processing sector.

I am interested in mechanical engineering but after my graduation, I want to pursue M.Tech in Aeronautical engineering. Will it be a good move?

Yes, after automobile engineering, one can specialize in aerospace and marine engineering. That should be good move in terms of placement.

What are career opportunities for girls in civil engineering?

Most civil engineering students opt for higher education. They have good career prospects in design automation, structural engineering, transportation engineering etc.

But most companies hesitate in recruiting girls. However, one can set up professional testing lab as there is acute shortage for structural stability labs and others.

Vasudeva Rao - “Learning a foreign language definitely gives a student an edge during the placement process.”

Prof J.S.R Subrahmanyam – “CSE and IT there is no difference. Just for getting more sections universities and colleges are resorting to these measures and getting the course sanctioned.”

Standard of PG in India is dismal and disastrous as the syllabus is outdated and the hands-on experience they provide is useless.”

M. Venkat Reddy – “Pharmacy may not pay well for the first two years after employment but after that sky is the limit. A salary of Rs. 1 lakh is extremely common in pharmaceutical companies.”

Narasimha Reddy - “To choose a good college, it is paramount to visit the college, talk to senior students directly and conduct enquiries on the infrastructure, faculty and placements.”

“Between CSE and IT there is no difference. Just for getting more sections universities and colleges are resorting to these measures and getting the course sanctioned”

“To choose a good college, it is paramount to visit the college, talk to senior students directly and conduct enquiries on the infrastructure, faculty and placements”

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