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Even the students who aspire to do higher studies with good score in the competitive exams prefer to have an offer letter for the safer side. File Photo   | Photo Credit: Sandeep Saxena

Today, students wish to come out of their college not as a graduate but as a professional. Hence, getting a job in the campus interview (either on-campus or off campus) is a primary concern of all the students. Even the students who aspire to do higher studies with good score in the competitive exams prefer to have an offer letter for the safer side (or for the sake of pride)

The ordeal

With the dream of coming out as a perfect professional, I entered the engineering college on 2006. I had two primary goals in my college life. The first one is not to have any backlogs in any semester; second is to get placed in on campus. Though I was able to accomplish my first goal without much stress, it was hard to achieve my second goal.

Since there was a rule from Anna University that the campus should be conducted only after seventh semester, we had a little extra time to prepare but a little more time to be panic. Once our semester exams were over, one of the top companies visited our college and though the aptitude test appeared to be simple, only 10 out of 450 students got shortlisted for the interview out of which nine got selected. It was not easy to accept rejection.

The disappointment

After a break of one month, the companies started visiting our college again. I also attended the off-campus conducted in many colleges where thousands of students gathered and waited in the sun for hours or day for a 30 minutes written test. In a few companies I was able to clear the aptitude (through my own knowledge) but unable to get through the interview. Though I was completely frustrated for few days after my third company, I also began to think where I go wrong, started working on it. All these happenings though disappointed me they also made me stronger. At one situation, I started enjoying writing an aptitude test for companies, bold enough in the group discussions portraying my views clearly, attended the interviews in relaxed way and finally, yahoo!! I got placed in a reputed firm; the good news is that though I was not the first to get placed, I was the first to join the company.

Tips, tips, tips

Below are some of the tips which I would like to share based on my experience and self analysation:

Communication skill: Start developing language skills by reading the newspaper and watch some English news channels and the simplest way is to text through mobile with proper grammar. Communication skill can also be developed by conversing in English with the friends.

Analytical & Logical skills: Rather than forcefully solving the problems given in books, play it as a puzzle. You will have both fun( of playing) and at the same time gain satisfaction.

Jack of all trades and master of one: There are many people who have an overall knowledge about their stream but it is more important that you are strong in any one particular subject which is mentioned in your area of interest.

Learning online: Every subject is like an ocean and it is not so easy to gain expertise in a particular subject. From the interview point of view, the knowledge can be gained by browsing any topic online (Our sincere thanks to Wikipedia).

Attitude truly matters. Don’t panic for written tests and interviews. Instead, be relaxed enough so that you can be in the position to answer or atleast make up the answer in relation to the queries.

All the best friends!!

The writer is Associate Engineer – Flextronics Technologies

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