Life begins after PG

Graduation is not enough  

Is a Bachelor’s degree no longer enough to help students secure a well-paying job? Maybe. In some cases, a post-graduate (PG) degree has become a necessity. Acknowledging this, there appears to be a sizeable number of students opting to study PG courses.

There are also those who finish their undergraduate (UG) course, get jobs, and decide to pursue their PG after working for a certain period, aiming to get a higher qualification and probably a higher post.

The Hindu EducationPlus spoke to some students to find out the importance of PG courses, and why they chose to pursue them. Here are excerpts:

Vineeta Thomas, first year MSW, Christ University, Bangalore: I used to volunteer with various organisations during my UG. After completing it, I was inspired to work, and I wrote the exam to join a teaching fellowship. I got selected and while working, I was exposed to a lot of challenging situations.

But I didn’t have the theoretical knowledge to handle such situations. I decided to pursue my PG so that I could gain knowledge to understand how to deal with such situations. I could choose my area of specialisation, and I’m clear about what I want to do after my PG. When I look back at the challenges I faced, I know now how I can overcome them if I’m put in such situations again.

Soumya Moudgalya, third year B.Sc, NMKRV College for Women, Bangalore: I wouldn’t work after my UG even if I’m offered a job that pays very well. I’m studying to gain more knowledge about the subject, not to make money. I’m very interested in the subject matter and I plan to do extensive research in it. In order to conduct research, I need to have adequate knowledge.

Today, you need to have a PG degree to either get a job or a Ph.D. in the field of science. If you get a good job without a decent qualification, it’s pointless, because without a PG degree, your education is incomplete.

Namitha John, third year B.Com, Kristu Jayanti college, Bangalore: I want to complete my Master’s degree as I can apply for a job which is of a higher grade than what is offered after graduation. In order to get financial security, you need a well-paying job. Today, studying further is necessary. You have to work for many years to get the salary you desire if you just have a UG degree. But after your PG, it becomes easier.

Sumanth Kashyap, second year Mass Communication, SDM College, Ujire: I’m pursuing PG because it will prove to be a great advantage for me while hunting for a job. I want to be a teacher and without a PG degree, I won’t have sufficient knowledge of the subject to teach. I cannot neglect my education.

Everybody has a Bachelor’s degree today and that will not suffice if I want to establish my career.

You have a wider array of options while hunting for a job with a PG degree than with just a UG degree.

Kalyan Srinivas, second year B.Com, Sri Bhagwan Mahaveer Jain College, Bangalore: Education is the most important thing in my life and a PG degree is currently more important to me than a job.I wouldn’t work after my UG course because I love the subjects I’m studying and I want thorough knowledge about them.

I will get a better job offer after PG and hopefully a much better salary as well. So, it is unthinkable to not study further. If I complete my PG with high scores I will be given preference over the others who aren’t as qualified as I am.

Rajeshwari T., first year M.A Education, Azim Premji University, Bangalore: I pursued science in UG and I felt that I was studying too much theory. I wanted practical exposure to the world. So, I decided to work. I did get the exposure I wanted, but I was at loss as to how to solve the problems I faced. In PG courses, we are taught how to tackle problems and how to find solutions.

Education gives you knowledge which will ultimately help you excel at work. It will be easier for me to deal with anything that comes my way after my PG as I’ll be well equipped. By studying PG, I’m preparing to take on new challenges and endeavours. I’m confident that I will work better after completing my PG course.

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