Career is a marathon, not a sprint

How do I know if I am on the right path in my career?


The litmus test is your eagerness to go to work every morning. Think about whether you are enjoying the work you do and learning every day. Career is a marathon, not a sprint.

If the work becomes routine, is one doing things right? Or should one focus on bringing new things to the table each day?


Bringing in the new for the sake of it is not going to help in the long run. Focus on creating metrics which can help you measure and manage the improvements.

Each time I come up with a unique idea, I seem to find that someone is already doing it. Should I continue and build what I believe in or should I ponder on other ideas?


The name of the game is execution. Transformational ideas are sometimes life's work (Einstein's theory of relativity). While you wait to check and confirm that your idea is transformational, you should focus on ideas that are practical and benefit the intended audience.

Even the mighty Google did not discover the pay per click idea. They have used it and leveraged it well for their business. Adwords division still generates about 90 per cent of revenues for Google. Don't forget that with the Internet proliferation, you are now literally competing with billions of people. Good luck on your transformational idea.

I get stressed when I attend an interview and don't seem to be able to answer any of the questions. At the back of my mind, I know every answer but it just doesn't come out. What do I do? I have tried practising in-front of the mirror and do absolutely fine, but on the D-day I go blank!


I don’t know how many interviews you have attended so far. If it is in double digits and you still feel nervous, you have to figure out a way to take fear out of the equation. One way is to be prepared for the worst. The worst that can happen is that you won't clear the round.

Be yourself and stay calm. Think of it as another meeting with a stranger. All the best for your next interview!

I worked in a company for a year and a half. I am currently pursuing my MBA and it is mandatory to do an internship. I thought it would be easy for me to intern with my previous employer. However, the scenario is different. My peers now look down upon me, I am not given as much responsibility as I would get earlier and I do not gel with the rest of the interns. Is it a wrong decision to take up an internship at this stage ?


Does your previous employer focus on the areas of your interest? Internship is a great learning opportunity. It should not be taken as a requirement for just completing the course. If alignment of skills, interest and passion is there, you will enjoy and benefit from the internship. It will also set the direction for your entire career.

You should find a company and a person under whose guidance you can do the internship with great care. Good luck!

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