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Pavani Reddy  

Just like any youngster, I was confused about whether I should pursue law, chartered accountancy or an MBA. I have always possessed the energy and ability to go to the root of a problem without getting carried away by opinions. When I was studying, I always liked to read about contract acts, case laws, and so on, which led me to realise that law is a profession I like. I was attracted to it because I am passionate about standing up for what is right and for promoting equality in society.

At that time, studying law was the least preferred profession by women and not a lucrative option for them. However, my family supported me wholeheartedly when I decided to pursue the discipline. After completing my law degree in India, I moved to the U.K. The challenges began when I decided to take it up as a full-time career. My choice of profession, especially being a woman, was frowned upon.

I was told that law was a male-dominated territory and I was openly discouraged from going ahead with it. I counted on my determination to succeed and was strongly backed by my parents in my pursuit.

I believe my drive to establish a career in the legal field was so intense that the negativity or low moments that came my way only strengthened my resolve to succeed. Our senior partner, Sarosh Zaiwalla, has been a great mentor to me throughout my career. He believed in my ability and supported me over the years.

I believe that today’s students should follow the traditional way through hard work, determination and perseverance. I know it may sound like a bit of a cliche, but if students want to do well in law or any other career, they need to work hard, be diligent, know their industry inside out and always be positive in their outlook. Students must try to improve and develop analytic and problem-solving skills, critical reading abilities, writing skills, oral communication, listening abilities and skills in general research.

You should always keep learning new things in your profession as there is always a learning curve. As long as students are willing to give their 100 per cent and have the mind-set to succeed, they will attain their goal. The feeling of happiness and achievement you feel once you succeed is amazing.

My recommendation to students who are considering pursuing law is to get work experience or an internship at a law firm as I found it very helpful. Working in a legal setting before entering the law school gave me practical, working knowledge of the legal field.

Coaching and seeking mentoring are essential for anyone trying to break through and work their way up in their chosen career path. The legal environment has changed since the time I started out in the field, and it should get better from here. One has to realise the value of serving the interests of others while promoting justice. I want to reach out to all the students out there and tell them that nothing is unachievable if you set your heart and mind to it.

Lastly, I would like to say that taking up law as a profession is like walking along an unending road. You always have to be passionate about pushing the limits and standing up for what is right. As long as you have a clear focus and are willing to invest time, energy and passion to it, anything can be achieved.

The writer is a lawyer and manages an international law firm in London.

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