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The ability to observe minute details is crucial to make a headway in this career. Photo: Ch. Vijaya Bhaskar

The ability to observe minute details is crucial to make a headway in this career. Photo: Ch. Vijaya Bhaskar

Graphology is the skill of analysing handwriting to recognise, assess and identify a person’s character.

A person’s calligraphic strokes and patterns is a graphic demonstration of his/her thinking patterns, manners, and reveals his/her mind. They also offer insights into one’s behaviour such as character, temper, current state of mind and so on, even if only a few words are scrawled on paper.

Graphology is built on the scientific technique of arriving at decisions based on common sense, universal concepts, mental interpretations and pragmatic research.

There are many facets to examining handwriting such as the universal style of writing, configuration of letters, position and space among words and lines, strokes and patterns, loops in characters, bends, slants of writing, dimension of letters and so on. For example, if someone is using lots of dots in writing, the individual is perceived as lacking in self-confidence.

Certain curves of script, which a person is not capable of demonstrating in his writings, may indicate certain stomach or mental complaints. An upward touching baseline is associated with happy people while a downward sloping hand indicates that a person is prone to despair.

Large size writing reveals an outgoing person who is gregarious, while small size script hints at somebody who is shy and focused.

Sector overview

Graphologists are qualified specialists in handwriting analysis who cautiously study the various intricacies of a person’s writing to understand his/her personality, manners, state of mind, emotions, creativity, likes and dislikes, strengths, weaknesses, doubts and potential. They are accomplished in analysing one’s signatures and can also understand random scribble and doodling, as they cover up important hints. They can also recognise depression and suicidal propensity.

Graphologists, besides enabling one to gain deep insights into traits that can be recognised in handwriting analysis, help revolutionise one’s outlook, deeds and associations by suggesting easy changes in one’s strokes. The most subtle task for handwriting analysts is to offer an answer for recognised problems. So, most institutes all over the country offer additional training in psychology and personality development.

Skills and aptitude

To be a graphologist, one must have a flair for examining other people’s writings, skill to appreciate the distinctions among handwritings, a keen eye for details and the determination to master a new skill. Good communication skills, cleverness, curiosity and the ability to observe minute details are the desirable skills for making headway in this career.

Graphology is now progressively used for many purposes such as personality growth, self-reformation, team building, counseling and child growth. Combined with psychology, graphology is also used as a therapy tool. The idea behind graphotherapy is that people can alter or develop their traits, character or behaviour by modifying their writing. The system believes that adjusting one’s writing can lead to self-improvement.

Career options

Some career opportunities in this field are:

Corporate industries and consultant services employ the service of graphologists for choosing appropriate employees. These organisations make use of such experts to evaluate and decide personality traits, skills and abilities of workers.

Courts, the police and forensic divisions need graphologists to clamp down on forgery and resolve criminal cases by examining offenders' writing samples. In legal cases, a graphologist’s service is necessary for verification of any doubtful writing of text in cheques, wills, extortion letters, and so on.

Schools may need help from these professionals in assessing and assisting difficult students. Graphologists serve as a guide not only to parents but also to tutors in offering them insights into the character of young kids.

In the career guidance sector, graphologists help individuals choose appropriate career options and give additional inputs for self development.

There are no accredited courses as it does not necessitate any precise educational qualification. Various training institutes from across the country now offer certificate and diploma courses in graphology. Distance-learning courses are also available. Interested candidates can acquire basic information by reading books or functioning under a qualified graphologist. Graphology, combined with a degree in psychology, carries more weight.

Where to Study

Kolkata Institute of Graphology, Kolkata

Council of Education and Development Programmes, Mumbai

International Graphological Research Centre, Bengaluru

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