Upendra 2: A full-on indulgence

Upendra and Parul Yadav in a still from Upendra 2

Upendra and Parul Yadav in a still from Upendra 2  

Upendra, in most of his appearances as an actor, director and a scriptwriter has given himself a unique identity by ripping apart the grammar of cinema. You might go on to label a majority of them a preposterous indulgence, so this film, a sequel to one that he’s named after himself, is not entirely surprising .

Upendra 2 begins with a note ‘The End’ followed by the credits. Then, there’s a scene where the screen goes blank for a couple of minutes and a professor talks about how impatient the brain gets with inactivity and lectures about staying in the present, the basis on which the film rides. Soon you realise the lead character that everyone in the film’s after, is named Nuvvu. There’s also a comedy of errors surrounding the ‘Nuvvu Yevaru’ phrase between the cops, goons and the public.

Upendra’s histrionics are a notorious recipe for fun. He says he has brain but advises people not to think as he sings a number, Alonchinchi cheptunna, Alonchinchaddu. As one of the female leads, Kristina Akheeva playing Lakshmi performs a mini-character test on him and makes out with him, he replies, “Why are we rubbing our noses?” A property owner writes a will and all he has to say is, “Where there is a will, there’s a way.” His advice to an old woman’s complaint that her son doesn’t sleep at night: make him join as a night-watchman.

The interval bang reverses all the equations about him and reveals his multiple identities, where he is shown to take turns as a dacoit, Swami, an undercover cop, amidst humungous confusion.

Upendra trusts the madness that takes the film along but he executes it in such a heavy dose that the existence of a plot, the characters or say, the outcome in itself doesn’t seem to matter. The climax is reduced to a joke and you must take a line that the actor mouths in the film seriously, “I weigh 75 kgs but my head-weight amounts to 75 tonnes.” And guess what, there's another sequel waiting.

Upendra 2

Cast: Upendra, Kristina Akheeva, Parul Yadav

Director: Upendra

Music director: Gurukiran

Genre: Psychological thriller

Plot: The cops and goons try to trace the mysterious identity of Nuvvu

Bottomline: A newer synonym of madness

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