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This film, a box office hit of MGR was the Tamil version of the Hindi super hit and Rajesh Khanna starrer made by the box office movie- spinner Manmohan Desai ‘Sachha Jhootha’ (1970). The Tamil version was written by R.K. Shanmugham who has was worked on many movies of MGR, based on the original story by Mrs. Jeevanprabha Manmohan Desai, and this film was produced under the banner of Oriental Pictures and was directed by the successful Tamil filmmaker Pa. Neelakantan who has worked on 17 movies with the MGR with most of them being box office hits like this one.

Sundaram (MGR) is a rural naïve band musician who lives with his lame sister Sitha (Sharada) in a village. He needs more money for his sister's marriage and he sets off to Madras to earn it. The Madras City Police Department is shocked by series of diamond thefts. The Inspector of Police Mohan (M. N. Nambiar) suspects the thief to be Ranjith Kumar (M. G. Ramachandran) who is actually a wealthy diamond businessman and, whenever a theft occurs he is present at the crime scene. . But he has no evidence and searches for proof . He creates a plan with Leela (Manjula), a cop same to attract Ranjith to know his secret plans. Sundaram arrives in the city and goes to attend a party. Ranjith who arrives at the party surprised to see Sundaram as he looks identical to him. He immediately takes Sundaram to his home and reveals himself. He convinces Sundaram to act like Ranjith in public as he is a heart patient and requires treatment abroad. Actually he makes him as Ranjith so that he can continue with his diamond smuggling meanwhile there will not be any evidence as Sundaram is going to be Ranjith everywhere. But he did not reveal the reason to him. He also promises that he would give money for his sister's marriage. Innocent Sundaram believes him and agrees to the plan.

Ranjith's girlfriend Mohana (Latha) trains Sundaram to be like Ranjith and he acts like him. Sundaram finally learns the mannerisms of Ranjith and soon he behaves like Ranjith to Ranjith! He acts as Ranjith in the city and real Ranjith continues his underground work. And Inspector Mohan cannot come to conclusion, Leela moves intimately with Sundaram thinking him as Ranjith but Sundaram falls in love with her. In the village due to heavy floods Sitha loses everything and comes in search of her brother to Madras with her dog Mothy (Rexy). Mohan meets Sitha and saves her from goondas and takes her home and his mother (S.N.Lakshmi) who likes her and treats her as her own daughter. Mohan falls in love with her…

Sundaram finds Ranjith is actually a thief and plans for grand diamond loot. Sundaram resists against the plan but Ranjith blackmails him with his sister. Unwillingly he accepts for the plan. Ranjith steals huge amount of diamond but Sundaram replaces him by attacking and leaves the place. One of the stolen diamond pieces has a transmitter and police follow the jewels with the help of it. After several fights both Sundaram and Ranjith are arrested. Sitha is confused who is her brother! as both of them claim to be Sundaram and confuse everyone. The judge is helpless to find out who is the real Ranjith. Suddenly a body of dead woman enters the court. Ranjith finds that the woman is his mother (Kanthimathi). Unable to resist his feelings he breaks down over his mother and her body. Ranjith's mother is not dead but pretended, to find out who is her son. Ranjith is arrested and sent to prison. He apologizes to Sundaram, and promises Mohana (Latha) that he will marry her after he gets out of prison. Sitha finally marries Inspector Mohan. Sundaram marries Leela (Manjula).

The narration is quite gripping and sustains interest until the end .MGR familiar double role (though they are not twins) impresses in his own way and the two heroines lend fine support to him. Nambiar as police officer is not a villain now for a change!

One of the contributing causes for the success of the film is the melodious music composed by the maestro M.S.Visawanathan and the fim has actually eight songs with some of them becoming hits. Interestingly some of the songs recorded were not used in the film. The popular songs include ’Poomazhai thoovi vasantham……’ (Voice T.M. Soundararajan, lyrics. Maruthakasi)…This song is sung thrice in long and short versions)…’Oruvar meedhu oruvar saayindhu…’ (Lyrics Vaali, voices TMS and P.Susheela.)…’Kannai nambaathey….( Lyrics Pulamaipitthan, Voice TMS ).. Thaane thaane thanathanathama… (Lyres Kannadasan, Voice TMS)

Remembered For: good music, good acting by MGR. Latha, Manjula Nambiar



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