Mr. Airavata: No logic, but enjoy Darshan magic

In Hindu mythology, Airavata is a white-winged elephant on which god Indra rides. Airavata has four tusks and seven trunks and is known for its strength to fight evil.

It appears that director A.P. Arjun has named his recent film as Mr. Airavata with tag name “Its a brand”, after the mythical elephant. The film seems to redefine the symbolism of the white elephant and the director has made use of every frame in the 150-minute film to project the ‘he-man’ image of the ‘star’ Darshan.

For Darshan’s fans, who had waited for nearly a year to watch their ‘challenging star’ on the screen, Mr. Airavata is really a feast. He sizzles on the screen in his tailor-made avatar as Mr. Airavata. But, the audience should not ask for any logic and has to watch the magic silently as both the story and the script are weak.

Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Mr. Airavata has instant solution to all ills of society be it farmers’ suicide, cricket betting, chain-snatching, problems of street vendors and auto drivers among many other things. The film starts with the Chief Minister and the Home Minister pleading a freedom fighter-turned farmer (Ananth Nag) to allow his grandson, an IPS officer, to serve the State. Then the story of ACP Mr. Airavata unveils and it is all a flashback. The tough cop moves around the city on his motorcycle with the head of elephant and saves schoolchildren from a possible accident, arrests goons involved in betting racket, saves girls from being trafficked, sorts out issues of street vendors and auto drivers. In the second half of the film, it is revealed that Mr. Airavata was a fake ACP in the beginning. He donned the role of the fake ACP after his sister committed suicide as she was raped and the police did nothing to solve the case. Though it is later known that he faked the role of ACP, the Chief Minister and the Home Minister request the grandfather of Mr. Airavata to allow him to serve the State, and seek the President of India’s permission to conduct IPS exam only for Mr. Airavata. Within no time, the exam is held and Mr. Airavata, who till then faked the role of ACP, becomes the ACP in reality. As the real ACP, he continues his work that he started as a fake ACP and cleanses society of its ills. Mr. Airavata then eliminates villain Pratap Kale (Prakash Raj) who has been portrayed as root cause of all evil.

With punching dialogue written specially to boost his image and stunts designed to match his macho image, Darshan fits well into the character of Mr. Airavata. Prakash Raj as Pratap Kale excels as a villain. Urvashi Routela has nothing to offer except dancing to the tune of Mr. Airavata. Anath Nag steals the show as the hero’s grandfather. Shekar Chandra’s cinematography captures action scenes to the satisfaction of Darshan’s fans. ‘Gudi Mele’ song is rhythmic.

Mr. Airavata (Kannada)

Director: A.P. Arjun

Cast: Darshan, Urvashi Rautela, Prakash Raj, Ananth Nag, Sitara, Sadhu Kokila, Avinash, Chikkanna, Vineesh

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