Mirage of prosperity

FUELED BY VANITY: A still from 'Swapna Sanchari.'   | Photo Credit: Special Arrangement

It's a rainy day at the location of director Kamal's new film, ‘Swapna Sanchari,' which has Jayaram and Samvritha Sunil in lead roles. The shooting for the film is progressing in the courtyard of a modest house at Anakkayam near Thodupuzha. The unit members wait for the sky to clear, and the moment it does, every one swings into action.

The scene being shot features actors Jayaram, Innocent, and Manikandan.

While cinematographer Azhagappan gets ready for a trolley shot, Kamal narrates the storyline.

“It's a humorous take on the ‘consumer' mindset of Malayalis. Most of us have this propensity to make a quick buck and then spend it lavishly. We don't hesitate before taking loans to build houses, which are often much larger than what we need or can afford; to buy luxury cars and, of course, to buy jewellery. And, as a result, we often end up neck deep in debt!” says the director.

Jayaram plays Ajayachandran Nair, a former peon who immigrates to the ‘Gulf.' He makes his fortune and returns to Kerala for a holiday. Ajayachandran flaunts his wealth to gain social acceptance. Meanwhile, his father, Achuthan Nair (Innocent), is not impressed by his son's new found wealth and much to Ajayachandran's chagrin continues to live in a rather humble house.

“Samvritha Sunil dons the role of Reshmi, Ajayachandran's wife, a grounded young woman who is not too comfortable with her husband's new, flashy lifestyle. However, soon, all of Ajayan's calculations about life go wrong. An incident occurs and this changes his life forever,” adds the director, before he calls for a rehearsal.

Actor Manikandan, who is playing Ajayachandran's brother-in-law, walks into the frame holding a sack.

Jayaram is teaming up with Kamal 12 years after ‘Kaikkudanna Nilavu,' their last film together. Says the actor: “My character is a caricature of those typical nouveau-riche characters, the ones who often try to show off and consequently become the resident laughing stock.

“For instance, Ajayachandran was an atheist before he went to the ‘Gulf.' But now he has turned religious. He is annoyed that most of his relatives are not too ambitious and that they are way too common. We all know many such people who change colour after becoming rich all of a sudden.” Jayaram certainly is dressed the part in a garish kurta, huge gold chains, and sunglasses.

Recalling the past

While describing the nature of his character, Innocent jokes in his trademark manner: “Certain scenes remind me of my younger days, about how my father used to advise me. I was active in politics for a while and some well placed people used to come meet me for recommendations and favours.

One day, my father affectionately called me aside and told me that I should do things in the right way as he was too old to go to jail!”

‘Swapna Sanchari' is being made under the banner of True Line Cinema. Lyrics by Rafeeq Ahmed have been composed by M. Jayachandran. Still photographer is Jayaprakash Payyannur.

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