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Life is too short, there is so much more I want to discover for myself,” says Seerat Kapoor, the latest actor in town. She is making her debut in Sharwanand starrer Run Raja Run that is releasing in the first week of July. She was just 16 when she became a dance instructor and has been teaching for 5 years and she simultaneously had learnt classical music. After singing and dancing she became a model and worked in numerous commercials and took up a casting call from Hyderabad.

She reveals that her name Seerat means ‘inner beauty’. She talks of how she finally chose acting as her career: “I was a dance instructor at Ashley Logo and one day I realised my 9 to 9 schedule, including Sundays, did not allow me time for music training. Plus I wanted to do modelling too; I have never believed in choosing between one field or the other. You are gifted in many ways but you don’t know what you are destined for, till you really try. I was just 16 when I turned an instructor, but people didn’t consider the age, they saw the potential.” Seerat avers that she picked up rhythm from her dad and singing from her mother and naani; . “If there is a deep desire and aggression (sic) to gets somewhere and you work hard, it will pay off. I had to take time to explore what I could do with all the other interests that I had. I trained with Roshan Taneja (My maasi is married to his son). These days, acting courses last for month, once that was done I joined the Run Raja Run unit.”

Since she is a good dancer, did she pick up steps from the choreographer quite quickly? Seerat says there is so much to dance, no matter how much you know she feels this is where she is meant to be. “I hope I lived up to choreographer Raju master’s expectation. I feel grateful that I have come this far. I will never say that I have done it all because life gets really boring. I am happy that I have climbed one step.”

The director of the film is only 24 but he has great clarity, there is so much detailing of the dialogue or the expression.She says for someone who didn’t know the language, was completely clueless about the script, her life became easy when Sujeeth always made himself available to clear her doubts. It is a movie that has many shades, it will cater to all sections of the audience. Has Seerat taken a tour of Hyderabad? “In Hyderabad, whenever there would be a day off, I would memorise my dialogues for the next day. If you take up some work, you always need to think about the character. I was caught up with the lines and was trying to understand the same. I really didn’t interact with people outside. ”

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