Yennamo Yedho: Neither romance, nor comedy

There’s no end to the tiresome sequence of romance and break-ups in Yennamo Yedho.

There’s no end to the tiresome sequence of romance and break-ups in Yennamo Yedho.  


Boy meets girl. But the girl marries someone else. Then the boy meets another girl, then another….there’s no end to the tiresome sequence of romance and break-ups in Yennamo Yedho. Directed by debutant Ravi Tyagarajan, it’s a remake of the popular Telugu film Ala Modalaindi. It has everything going wrong for it. A convoluted plot, unimpresive performances and unfunny comedy.

While the original film banked on the sizzling chemistry between actor Nani and Nithya Menon, in the Tamil film the romance between the lead pair Rakul Preet Singh (Nithya) and Gautam Karthik (Gautam) falls flat.

One wonders why a veteran actor like Prabhu agreed to play such an inconsequential role. He plays a kidnapper in the film. However, it’s his presence that takes the story forward in the second half. As gangster Chakki, he wrongly kidnaps Gautam in order to stop a marriage. He forces the hero at gunpoint to narrate his love story. And so the tale begins.

Nithya and Gautam meet at the wedding of their respective ex-lovers. Both are drunk and share their sad stories and dance to ‘Nee enna periya appatakkara’ (the chartbuster from the movie). Soon, friendship turns to love for Gautam. But Nithya is engaged to Raja. By the time she calls off her engagement, Gautam is in a relationship with Kavya, a veterinarian. A silly turn of disjointed events follows.

How Gautam and Nithya get together forms the rest of the story. The film aspires to be a light-hearted, breezy take on love but falters because of a poor script. After an unimpressive debut in Kadal, Gautam experiments with his looks and expressions but makes little impact.

Rakul Preet Singh’s focus seems to be more on lip-syncing her dialogues than on her performance. Anupama Kumar as Gautam’s mother is a redeeming feature. Imman’s music is refreshing but it can’t save the film. If I weren’t reviewing the film, I would have made a run to the exit right at the start.

Genre: Rom-com

Director: Ravi Tyagarajan

Cast: Gautham Karthik, Rakul Preet Singh, Prabhu, Anupama Kumar, Nikesha Patel

Storyline: Gautam and Nithya become friends. Will the friends turn lovers?

Bottomline: Romance, break-up, romance… so what’s new…

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