Sulemani Keeda: Once bitten…

A scene from the film

A scene from the film

An independent slacker comedy where writer director Masurkar explores the life of struggling screen writers who throng the Andheri suburb of Mumbai, it is an engaging character study of unknown creatures on the margins of the glamour industry. Bitten by the writer’s bug, they are looking for ways to sneak in. They meet the big people but will they give them their big break? The wait often crushes the spirit. How they keep paying their bills, how they give themselves confidence, how they are forced to sell their craft, the desperation for food and sex, it’s all treated in a humorous, light footed fashion in a language that is relatable. Delhi se aaya hai par rape nahin karta , proves to be the clincher.

And in between the industry details, Masurkar quietly slips in a fleeting love story. With the audience becoming oblivious to the camera, one can sense Masurkar understands the world he is treading into. There is a sense of surety as he leads us into the frenzied lives of two buddies Mainik and Dulal bitten. They think they are talented buy actually Mainik can come up with occasional lewd poetry and Dulal can recite Sahir Ludhianvi’s lines as his own.

They are struggling to breathe in an industry where originality is often talked about but seldom practised. But do they have the imagination or the skill to reflect on life? What happens when Dulal falls in love with a budding photographer (Aditi Vasudev), while Mainak hustles his way through to get a big break with a Salman Khan clone…. Will she respond? Will he bite the bullet? Masurkar comments on the mainstream’s propensity to recycle the same story.

However, after the effortless setup, the screenplay starts meandering. Some of the camera angles are amateurish. At times Masurkar gets carried away and brings in comedy-show kind of situations in an organic structure. But Naveen and Aditi ensure that the performances tide over the flaws in writing.

Genre : Comedy

Director : Amit Masurkar

Cast: Naveen Kasturia, Mayank Tiwari, Aditi Vasudev

Bottomline : Not a Chashme Buddoor but not bad either!

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