Singham 123: Not again!

Cast: Sampoornesh Babu, Prthiviraj

Direction: Akshat Ajay Sharma

Genre: Comedy

Music: Seshu

Plot: A cop puts an end to the villain’s atrocities

Bottomline: Worse than migraine!

Anything that is new and fresh works well for the first time, that too if it is marketed well. When Hridaya Kaleyam was made, the unconventional looks of the lead actor, his pompous and bombastic dialogues fetched him a considerable fan following. Now if one wishes to see a second film, a lot more effort has to go into it to ensure his moves and expressions, dialogues are not predictable. After a long time comes Sampoornesh’s second film Singham 123 in which he plays a cop and the story that follows his filmi introduction is nothing but collection of spoofs, parodies from all hit films.

As each scene unfolds you see the lead actor walk, talk like some actor or the other and your mind is led onto guessing who that could be rather than the story itself. We have already seen Allari Naresh’s Sudigadu which was made on a similar pattern and it doesn’t make sense to challenge the audience’s intelligence. Of course in such films, one cannot expect logic, but one shouldn't bombard the viewers with the same stale stuff on the face. As the film progresses you can feel boredom trickling in every second the torture turns unbearable. The funny face is no longer funny, it becomes a pain. A comedian has a long shelf life only when he comes in bits and pieces in films, even Brahmanandam’s trials twice as a leading man who carries the film on his shoulders boomeranged. The film maker should realise that a comedian’s job is to provide comic relief when the story gets too serious and heavy; just because a few punch dialogues work we cannot assume he has a great fan following and make a film around his personality.

The story is between a cop Singham (Sampoornesh) and a criminal Lingam (Bhavani). In between we are shown a flashback episode of how Singham’s father Prudhvi is pushed into a well in a fracas and he moves to South Africa from the water in the well. In the next part we see Singham surface from a swimming pool in South Africa and his father is pleased to note that his moles match and so does his DNA with his son. The father who is presumed to be dead is now married to a foreigner and Singham who eyes that beauty is told to back off as she is his ‘pinni’. A romantic track between Singham and his heroine doesn’t draw even a single smile. This film is designed to draw a motley group those who haven’t seen Sampoornesh in Hridaya Kaleyam and will be enthralled at his jokes. A painful summer watch!

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