Good action thriller

Vishal and Shruti in 'Pooja'.

Vishal and Shruti in 'Pooja'.

A commercial film is always a safe bet and Vishal couldn’t have found a better contemporary director to give him something like the Singham series; director Hari had already proved that his forte is racy screenplay. Any person who abhors violent movies will sit through his entire film and even like the overdose as he weaves the story interestingly taking you through ups and downs. Hari has the knack of drawing our attention to the action entertainer without any trace of boredom, you will love the speed in the film. This is the film for action aficionado but is the story as good as the narration? Not really!

Vishal plays Vasu, a rich successor of GK Industries, all the family members are seen dressed according to their status but the hero appears like a simpleton. Thankfully in this film, his face doesn’t glisten with make up. His mother (Radhika) asks him to leave the house for embarrassing the family on an important occasion. He spends three years as a money lender away from home and he rushes back as soon as his mother calls him to settle scores with a contract killer who has insulted his uncle. The contract killer has also apparently injured a cop and Vasu who is a witness to it beats him to pulp and also identifies him as the same man who slapped his uncle and killed his mother. The rest of the story is about performing his mother's last rites only after killing his mother’s assassin.

Vishal’s home production usually dishes out quality sets and actors, here too there is an ensemble cast of familiar faces. The highlight is the action episodes, the shifting of the story to Patna from Visakhapatnam just when you think the story is drawing to a close. The dialogues are hardly worth mentioning; even the villain Mukesh, despite his scary appearance, doesn’t have dialogues to match his performance. Just as you expect, the fair-skinned Sruthi Hassan to remark something on Vishal’s complexion colour, she does but in a polished manner terming him not a great looker. Suri, the comedian is loud and attempts crude humour. Vishal who has attempted complex roles earlier walks through this easily. Sruthi does a reasonably good job.

There are simply too many characters in the story and shifting of focus from one villain to another, one location to another tests our patience. The dubbing of female characters is screechy, loud and dramatic, similar to what you see in the dubbed television serials.

Overall Pooja thrills people who love action and mass films, those who expecteven an iota of anything else can stay away.


Cast: Vishal, Sruthi Hassan

Direction: Hari

Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja

Genre: Action entertainer

Story: Exiled son returns home to set things in order

Bottomline: A routine story but okay for one-time-watch

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