Pataas: A safe bet that pays off

Kalyan Ram’s latest offering has come after nearly a year and a half and this time it is a cop drama. Though the story is not fresh the director, who is a newcomer, has played it safe and used a plot that will appeal to all kinds of audience. Anil Ravipudi makes the narration breezy; and it is so racy that there’s no scope to get bored even if some scenes evoke a sense of déjà vu. The dialogues also are not over the top but keep you smiling. Unlike other action entertainers in the recent past that have been heavy on sub-plots, Pataas keeps it simple making it an easy watch for the audience.

The movie begins with GK (Ashutosh Rana) an MP showing the clout he enjoys in the society. His men encroach a government land and begin constructing a complex; when an engineer, minister and a policeman protest they are all silenced. On the other side, a group of terrorists kidnap a central minister JP Reddy, who is rescued by Kalyan Sinha, a cop; on the condition that he be transferred to Hyderabad as he has some scores to settle. While we anticipate that this has to do with some horrible villain, it turns out it is actually Kalyan’s father DGP Murali Krishna (SaiKumar). Luckily, we are treated to a quick flash back showing why the son abhors his father.

Kalyan has a rakhi sister Kavya, who is killed by GK’s men when she tries to save a woman from getting raped. GK challenges Kalyan to bring the proof in a week’s time and arranges for his brother to escape. While most of the story is revealed in the first half of the film, the director fills the second half with one-upmanship, with Kalyan and GK trying to outdo each other. It is this part of the film that is interesting, even if you have watched this stuff earlier, the screenplay makes you want to know how the film will race to the climax.

The plot focuses so much on the hero and his adversary that the director doesn’t devote enough time to weave a romantic plot. The heroine Sruthi Sodhi has an attractive face, but the romance is zilch and the song and dance sequences are mere rituals to please the masses. The comedy by M.S. Narayana is too forced and superficial.

It takes a while to register Kalyan Ram as a cop in the beginning of the film as one is very used to watching Ravi Teja in such roles. The villains are good and do a fine job. Care has been taken to see that nothing crosses the limit. After a long time comes a cop film where the scenes between the hero and the villain are intelligent, where the villain doesn't boast, scream or become a dummy too early and there is something for the audience to enjoy. Obviously the hero doesn’t fall but the fun part is the villain doesn’t give up either. Srinivas Reddy complements Kalyan Ram perfectly and keeps the story alive. Music is just about okay and cinematography is pleasing. A good time pass film and all credit to Anil Ravipudi for sprinkling all ingredients correctly.

Cast: Kalyan Ram, Sruthi Sodhi

Direction: Anil Ravipudi

Music: Sai Karthik

Genre: Action Entertainer

Plot: A cop comes to Hyderabad to settle scores

Bottomline: A real cracker of a film

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