Mr. X: The X-factor is invisible

Genre: Sci-Fi/ Thriller

Director: Vikram Bhatt

Cast: Emraan Hashmi, Amyra Dastur, Arunoday Singh

Much before Mr. India took shape there was Mr. X.

It was Nanabhai Bhatt, the wizard behind some of the earliest cinematic magic in India, brought him to screen and the usually sedate Ashok Kumar took charge of the thriller as the invisible man. This week Bhatts have turned the clock back and have brought the idea back in business with yet another surprise choice for the role, Emraan Hashmi. Unfortunately, the novelty diminishes as quickly as Mr. X.

Described as a 3D family entertainer about the age old battle between the means and ends, the narrative seldom generates the emotional upheaval that we expect from Bhatts.

Vikram Bhatt resists the temptation of turning him to a vigilante and sticks to the personal revenge limiting the scope of the narrative. And the special effects don’t hold in front of the Hollywood stuff that we get week after week.

A couple of songs and situations generate the melancholic feel which is the trademark of the banner but beyond that it is as predictable as the magician who brings the rabbit out of the hat. His magic works as long as we believe in it and here that belief starts waning from the word go. For its central conceit the film takes itself a little too seriously. The idea that if devil can deceive, why can’t god is fine but Vikram hasn’t done much to explore the inherent humour and irony in the narrative.

And apart from Emraan he doesn’t have the performers to make us believe in the flaky plot.

Amyra is too light-weight in more ways than one to fit either into the role of an intelligence officer or conscience keeper of the film and Arunoday Singh, despite all the brawn, fails to provide an effective counterpoint to Emraan.

Ultimately, it is left to Emraan to pull this tame thriller. He sulks, shouts, smooches and does everything that we associate with him but fails to make Mr.X fly against the chroma wall.

Bottomline: It has its moments but Mr. X lacks the drive to scale new heights.

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