Main aur Mr Riight: Fails to connect

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Genre: Romantic Comedy

Director: Adeeb Rais

Cast: Barun Sobti, Shenaz Treasurywala

What annoys the viewer the most is when the director shows off that he is showcasing something fresh while doling out the same old tropes. This week it is the turn of Adeep Rais who has conjured up a romantic comedy with moth infested situations and concerns. Aliya (Shenaz) is a smart and sassy casting agent who means business. She has little time for emotions and is looking for a perfect match for herself. She moves in the company of self seeking individuals who have serious commitment issues but are eager to see Aliya in a relationship.

One day during an audition Aliya comes across Sukhi (Barun), a Punjabi lad, who has his heart in the right place, has a physique to flaunt but doesn’t have the money and manners of the class he aspires to be part of. Aliya casts him in her life as a boy friend only to realise that ‘opposites attract’ works not only in films she works for but in life as well.

The premise doesn’t hold after a couple of funny moments as you start questioning the leap of faith that Adeep has taken. Aliya’s reason for picking Sukhi and investing her time in him doesn’t pass muster. Aliya’s friends are one note characters, who make you cringe with their takes on relationships during long inane conversations.

Around intermission, the narrative livens up when Adeep introduces a fling between Aliya and one of the friends in her core group. But it doesn’t lead to something interesting and we are back on the familiar road. The use of struggling actors’ audition takes to comment on Aliya’s state of mind becomes a liability after a point.

A livewire, Shehnaz has finally got a film to showcase her talent and she doesn’t disappoint as the prim and proper girl who feels she is sorted but is actually not. She fumbles when the character demands more depth but is consistently fun to watch. Barun is not bad either but they have been saddled with a material that has long lost its bite. Even the tribute to Anil Kapoor-Amrtia Singh starrer “Pya Bina Chain Kahan Re” (Saheb) fail to generate goose bumps. It only makes you miss an era when even tripe was stirred well.

Bottomline: Nothing more than a show reel for the lively Shenaz!

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