I Love You Bangaram: Hard to love

NOTHING SPECIAL: Rahul and Shravya in a still from the film  

People who go to Maruti’s movies go prepared, they know what to expect. This film tags another well known banner Creative Commercials (K.S.Rama Rao’s) to hit a new low in Telugu cinema. There is an audience for an adult cinema too but when production houses with an identity and a brand team up for sleaze, it’s time to invest money meant for cinema on other weekend entertainment options. I Love You Bangaram is just not a love story, it takes pot shots on software employees, portrays them as cheap, sexual maniacs, whose only goal in life is to switch partners. What appears as a relationship between an insecure husband and a boisterous wife takes a twist and breaks into many sub plots.

The first part of the story shows how the lead pair Aakash (Rahul) and Meenakshi (Shravya) fall in love and elope to get married. The trivia surrounding the parents is totally insane forming a different plot altogether. The entire first half of the film shows the couple riding high on hormones and next the philandering heroine falling off from an apartment window. In the next half, the director brings in Madan (Rajeev) who causes a rift and acts as a catalyst to the climax. The bespectacled suspicious husband intensifies the situation, while the rest of the script focuses on why the woman is cheating on her husband and what exactly the director wants to convey through these complicated characters. The story is clearly targeted at youth, the attraction being the sexual innuendos, ill fitting and cheap costumes of the heroine.

Newcomer Govi brings in too many points into his story and you are at loss to understand where the film is leading to. Forget Rahul’s appearance and acting, his voice is squeaky; the heroine looks awkward in the costumes. However one must give her credit for being comfortable before the camera in such a role in her debut film. One reason you sit through the story is the cinematography, music is okay. Dialogues are obscene, it’s sad that Govi had to begin his career this way. Rajiv Salur who impressed audiences with Chinni Chinni Aasa fails to register his presence.

Making films within a budget is fine, but the director has crammed in too many points: parents fighting over statues of ancestors being installed in different areas, a love story, excessive focus on conjugal life, crazy and a suspicious husband, a villain who gets a reasonably sufficient space to establish his character, software employees etc. Finally the heroine who falls from an umpteenth floor of an apartment, with blood oozing out from her skull recovers with a simple bandage in the hospital and speaks comfortably on her cell phone as if nothing had happened.

I Love You Bangaram

Cast: Rahul, Shravya

Director: Govi

Music: Mahith Narayan

Plot: An insecure hubby and a trapped wife learn lessons

Bottomline: Difficult to stomach it Bangaram

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