Heartless: Needs more blood

Described as a romantic thriller, the film marks the debut of Shekhar Suman as a director. After lifting the thrills from Hollywood film Awake, he has indigenised the romance. Aditya (Adhyayan Suman), the young billionaire with a doting mother (Deepti Naval) needs a heart transplant but he is suffering from a death wish because he holds himself responsible for the death of his father. When Ria (Ariana Ayam) comes into his life he agrees to go for operation but not by a doctor of his mother’s choice. He picks Sam (Shekhar Suman) only to have second thoughts but by then he is in coma and only has anaesthesia awareness left to salvage the situation.

A vehicle to relaunch his son, the director spends a lot of raw stock in showcasing his skills. The problem is he is short on content and a large portion of the film is reduced to a show reel of Junior Suman interspersed with songs that are shot like music videos. It could have worked with a better female actor as newcomer Ariana doesn’t have the wherewithal to pack the surprise punch she is expected to lend. By the time Suman comes to the operation table you lose interest in the patient.

Adhyayan is easy on the eyes and renders an earnest performance. It is his scenes with Deepti Naval that provide the emotional layering to the otherwise dreary exercise.


Genre: Romantic thriller

Cast: Adhyayan Suman,Deepti Naval, Ariana Ayam, Shekhar Suman, Om Puri

Plot: How a billionaire gets cheated in the matters of heart.

Bottomline: A couple of chambers are in right shape but overall it is a sinking heart.

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