Brother of Bommali: Watchable fare

A still from the movie  

Cast: Allari Naresh, Karthika, Monal Gajjar

Direction: B. Chinni

Music: Shekar Chandra

Plot: Siblings help each other in sealing their love stories

Brother Of Bommali has a twin sibling story, while this point is new to contemporary cinema, the rest of the story falls into the regular comedy zone. Lakshmi (Karthika) and Ramu (Naresh) are twins, as different as chalk and cheese. While the brother is soft hearted, meek and is made to compromise on any issue at home, the sister is dominating and grows up to be a tomboy. Naresh falls in love with Monal Gajjar but there are many stumbling blocks before he wins her heart. Karthika steps in and gives him a suggestion or two to get closer to her. But there’s a catch —he must return the favour, she demands. She has fallen in love with an IAS candidate Harsha Vardhan who is already betrothed to Bhanushree Mehra. The onus is now on her brother Naresh and his friends to break that alliance and bring her and Harshavardhan together.

Since Naresh cannot marry till his sister is ‘settled in life’, he has no choice but to think of a way to get her out of his way. There are sub plots too that are connected to Monal Gajjar and her cousin’s family and all these surface during the wedding in the climax.

Director B Chinni’s first film with Nikhil wasn’t in sync with audience, the hero was too young for his script. Now the director pulled out a safe and relatable comedy with some commercial elements that he is sure of and he makes a decent job of that. Karthika might be a right choice as Naresh’s sister in terms of same height, athletic personality and unconventional looks, but the chemistry of siblings goes missing despite perfect coordination in dialogue delivery and action. The actors speak, address each other but you don’t get a sense of any bonding and not only because it is a comedy.

Monal Gajjar appears on screen after a long time and she retains her innocent look. Karthika has definitely put in an effort to make her body language look different. Naresh holds his own despite her more dominating role.

The film is watchable, thanks to the slightly different story and a few dialogues. The canvas is big and colourful and one can watch both the brother and Bommali.

Bottomline: A time pass comedy

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