Bang Bang: Boom 2

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Hrithik Roshan, to market this loose, lazy, official yet farcical remake of Knight and Day, gave celebrities a list of dares. Hrithik asked Ranveer Singh to step out of the car and wave at his fans (and the young actor delivered a rockstar performance bang in the heart of Bandra), Aamir Khan to remove the PK transistor (which he did but as a lame copout — he was fully clothed) and Shraddha Kapoor to sing without make-up (she did and wonderfully at that, using the opportunity to plug Haider)... And some more. But the creativity and ingenuity shown by all these who took Hrithik’s Bang Bang dares, even individually, outshines the quantum of entertainment that the entire film tries to deliver.

In fact, Bang Bang is so full of deja vu moments of Bollywood cliches that it is only a technicality that it’s a remake of Knight and Day when it could have very well been a Dhoom sequel with Hrithik playing a thief or a Boom sequel with Katrina continuing to be involved in shootouts involving diamonds around a desert in the Middle East, feeling at home in a bikini.

Director: Siddharth Anand
Cast: Hrithik Roshan, Katrina Kaif, Danny Denzongpa, Jimmy Shergill
Storyline: A thief who steals the Kohinoor and a bank receptionist are on the run from a dreaded criminal who wants the diamond and from Indian intelligence
Bottomline: Here’s a Bang Bang dare. Watch it twice back-to-back without dropping dead of boredom

The only fitting response to the makers daring us to watch this unwatchable film is a list of dares for them. So, here we go:

Hrithik Roshan: Dare you to do a film where you don’t look good, ride fast cars or bikes, break into buildings, shoot people or kiss beautiful women. Dare you to stop playing a hero and superhero and play an all-out villain without morals or a conscience. Break predictability as an actor.

Katrina Kaif: As believable as you are as a girl who has to get online to find a date, stop wearing make-up for those shower scenes. And drop the accent. You’re one of us now.

Jimmy Shergill: You were lucky to exit the film after the first scene. The rest of us were tortured alive. Dare you to tweet: Happy to be bumped off in the first scene because YouTube cat videos have more sex appeal than this sexless chemistry-less snooze-fest.

Danny Denzongpa: While we are sure that the villain’s brilliant plan of stealing a diamond to stop a country from signing an extradition treaty makes a whole world of sense (to, maybe, diamonds), dare you to explain the logic to us.

Siddharth Anand: Dare you to release the clips that would justify the title in case they were too hot to handle for the Censors. Fifty minutes into the film, just one action set piece (no, the prologue doesn’t count as set piece) and you dare to break into a song? Here’s a dare. Play with toy cars instead. Oh wait, you did that too.

Suresh Nair: Considering you wrote this film and the following interaction between Katrina facing Hrithik with her legs wrapped around him on a fast-moving bike. Hrithik: Zip kholo (Katrina unzips his jacket a little) Hrithik: Hug me (She hugs him) Hrithik: Do you feel my guns? (She grabs something behind his back) Hrithik: Now take my guns. Suresh, we appreciate the innuendoes given that the film is after all called Bang Bang but please explain: Guns?

Thumbs down.

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