Tamanchey: Deja Woo

A poster of Tamanchey

A poster of Tamanchey  

What would you call a film that seems strung together with a whole bunch of déjà vu moments? Navneet Behal's Tamanchey, of course.

This generic crime romance borrows the small town boy falling for gangster's moll with all its neon light mood from True Romance,the criminals on a bank robbing spree bit from Bonnie and Clyde and Natural Born Killers minus the style, punch lines or graphic violence.

It doesn't help that Tamanchey's leading man Nikhil Dwivedi isn't exactly the kind of actor capable of carrying a film like this and hence, the makers rely entirely on Richa Chadda to fire from all cylinders.

Director: Navneet Behal
Cast: Nikhil Dwivedi, Richa Chadda, Damandeep Singh
Storyline: A small town Romeo woos a gangster's moll right under his nose
Bottomline: Generic and predictable crime romance you can watch for Richa Chadda

And the talented actress of Gangs of Wasseypur fame manages to make us in invest in at least one of the two central characters by nailing every bit of the above-average dialogue with all the rustic charm, over-the-top costumes and raw sex appeal required of the character with a great amount of sincerity. Her Babu is equal parts vulnerable and strong and is the real hero of the film (she pulls the trigger a lot more when it matters) while the credited hero is just all talk

It is refreshing to see mainstream Hindi cinema make no bones about the heroine's moll (read sex slave) status. And she continues being the moll even after she falls in love with the hero.

It also helps that the film is less than two hours long and the retro score and songs make everything sound cool. The villain Damandeep Singh is no flamboyant Drexl but is intimidatingly large enough to seem like a serious threat.

This largely derived, heavily inspired film needed a lot more style and substance of its own because adding a small-town accent to stock situations alone doesn't make a film original.

These guns were never loaded. And the script had blanks.

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