Neer Dose: Serving up a heavy dose of misogyny

As the trailer had promised, Vijaya Prasad’s Neer Dose is an excuse for Jaggesh to deliver a series of double-entendres. Jaggesh and the writers of the film have an uncanny ability to link almost anything to sex, be it electricity supply, machines, fruits and vegetables or even death.

Amidst these so-called jokes, the filmmaker, who previously made Sidlingu that won a State award, makes feeble attempts at trying to give you some character portraits and perhaps, a vague outline of a story. But it soon becomes clear that the film mostly intends to give Jaggesh as much screen-time as possible. A scene is over only after Jaggesh has cracked a sex joke. Then, it is time for another scene and another sex joke.

We are invited to follow the life of four characters — Jaggesh Kumar, a crematorium van driver, Dattatreya, a retired man, Kumudha (Haripriya), a sex worker and Sharada Mani (Suman Ranganathan), a milk stall owner. When the film opens, all four characters have already met. So the film’s agenda is to tell us how they met, what their individual back stories are like and what role neer dosa has played in their life.

Director: Vijaya Prasad

Cast: Jaggesh, Haripriya, H.G.Dattatreya, Suman Ranganathan

As the film brings you up to speed, you realise that the link between the four characters is rather forced. Even the connection with the dosa is force-fitted. This is most evident in the story of Kumudha which is not only poorly written but also reeks of misogyny. In a not so subtle manner, a woman is told how she must behave, yet again.

There is no real reason why the film is called Neer Dose, except as another sexual innuendo. However, since the director has chosen this as the title, he jumps at every opportunity he can get to throw in a reference to the dosa.

This is when you realise that looking for a story in a film like this is indeed pointless. Neer Dose belongs to that category of films where the dialogue alone intends to regale audiences. There is no concrete screenplay or camera work to write home about. Just a bunch of gags meant to titillate audiences who enjoy this kind of humour, where a woman’s body parts are comparable to fruits and where the cost of a bra is used to make a statement about a person’s character. Neer Dose tries to be an adult/sex comedy but ends up as a string of misogynist jokes.

Jaggesh sticks to his characteristic manner of delivering one-liners. There are no layers to his performance. While Haripriya and Dattatreya deliver mediocre performances, Suman Ranganathan performs well.

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