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Smiles ahead

Crazy Mohan.  

Crazy Mohan likely doesn’t remember it, but 17 years ago, his company, Crazy Creations, asked me to come in for an audition, just after I’d finished school. My first stint on screen was with his group, which today is almost my second family. When I knew Crazy Mohan was going to come in for the shoot, I was prepared for a pun-filled evening. One needs to really pay attention to the conversation, because every line he says is either a joke or a deep idea presented in a humorous manner. “My father named me Mohan, after a lawyer he admired, and hoped I would be a great legal advisor. He wanted at least one of us in the family to take it up. That’s why he ensured that ‘law’ was present in the names of both my siblings, Lee-la and Ba-la-ji.”

He loves his puns, and keeps his humour clean of politics, religion and suggestive content. I ask how he is able to look at life so light-heartedly. “A successful man will always be able to laugh at himself,” he said. “I’ve had days when I have stayed up for an entire night, just to come up with that one great line. Whenever I get a writer’s block, my go-to person is PG Wodehouse. And whenever I grab a Wodehouse, I ensure I keep a dictionary around. He is PG — Post Graduate — in humour, and the rest of us, no matter how good, will always remain UG Wodehouse.” He also credits Lord Krishna for being a source of great strength.

Krishna, and Wodehouse. I knew I had my shot.

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