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Director Kanmani

Director Kanmani  


Director Kanmani is confident ‘Beeruva’ will deliver on the strength of its entertainment-based script

Director Kanmani who came up with the critically acclaimed Na Oopiri followed it up with a couple of inane movies but now he is heading towards releasing a winning script in Beeruva. He had been concentrating on emotion-based and experimental subjects but after the debacle of his previous films, he switched genres.

He elaborates, “I have now decided to come up with an entertainment-based script and kept all the subjects that were close to my heart aside. I resolved not to do anything regular and then came up with Beeruva. All my friends keep saying that I have a great sense of humour, so why don't I apply that in cinema? . Humour had always been a part of me, I just changed the script. It is a subject based on love and I narrated it in a full length entertainer. It is fresh and also has a new screenplay; I made sure that nothing routine or regular surfaces.”

In all love stories there is a point of conflict and how it is resolved becomes the complete story.

Here the beeruva (cupboard) plays an integral role in the story and brings a difference to the screenplay. The director says they had debated the title of Beeruva, even considered an alternative title but were not satisfied. They decided to retain Beeruva as it sounded new and made everyone curious. The cupboard becomes the hero's friend right from his childhood. If anyone has a problem, they normally discuss it with a friend, here the beeruva lends a helping hand to Sundeep Kishan. How he makes his love a success by utilising the beeruva is the story. There is no separate comedy track; it is just situational comedy.”

He adds, “It is a big project with collaboration from Usha Kiron Movies and Anandi Arts production houses, as well as a host of well known senior technicians like Chota K Naidu, Gautam Raju, Thaman etc.”

The director recollects narrating the story first to writer Velligonda Srinivas and how excited the latter's response was on hearing it over the phone.

“The writer moved my script to Anandi Arts immediately and I was already in touch with Usha Kiron people and finally both the banners got together to produce this movie. Velligonda wrote the dialogues and I am surprised a positive word has already spread in the industry; the audience is already expecting something new.

The moment the script was okayed, they roped in Sundeep Kishan and Surabhi. Sundeep Kishan was selected because he had already worked in Anandi Arts’ Venkatadri Express and the character in B eeruva required someone who can look mischievous and have an energetic body language.

The director adds, “Usually entertainment based movies don’t look rich, but Chota K Naidu made the film look so good.

The film has been shot in Hyderabad, Vizag and Araku.”

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