Angry Babies, in Love: Bitter realities

Scene from Saji Surendran’s Angry Babies, in Love   | Photo Credit: Special arrangement

Inside a tastefully designed apartment near Valanjambalam in Kochi, the shooting of director Saji Surendran’s Angry Babies, in Love is going on. The scene being shot has a couple, played by Anoop Menon and Bhavana, in animated discussion.

“This is a family drama narrated in a humorous way. Jeevan (Anoop Menon), a still photographer from a high range town near Kottayam falls in love with Sarah (Bhavana), the daughter of a wealthy planter. When her family objects to the romance, they flee to Mumbai and get married. But they soon realise that life after marriage is not as rosy as they had imagined it to be. Certain twists and turns take the story ahead,” says Saji about the plot.

He adds that Anoop had narrated the storyline to him almost a decade ago, when they were both working in television. It was initially conceived as a tele-cinema. Krishna Poojappura developed it into a script, writing the screenplay and dialogues.

“If a couple finds everything about each other perfect during their courtship days, post wedding it may not be the same. Most of us can connect to such a theme and we are presenting such a couple here,” says Krishna.

When he takes a break between shots Anoop says: “My character, Jeevan, is an irresponsible husband and believes that he is a great photographer, though his skills are pretty limited. Actually his real talents lie elsewhere and that could be one of the reasons why he is one of the ‘Angry Babies’, fighting with his wife all the time,” says Anoop.

“I have never worked in a mainstream commercial film as a hero, except in some of those projects that I have scripted. I am enjoying this. I feel that whatever the language, humour is one genre which will almost always strike a chord with the viewer,” he adds.

Bhavana is busy with a script discussion. She has donned an apron for the next shot. “My character, Sarah, who learnt the ins and outs pf the hotel business from her father, sets up a coffee shop in Mumbai.

The shot also features Anusree, who plays a maid, Selvi. “She hails from a remote village in Tamil Nadu and is very traditional, especially when it comes to dressing style. Actually, Selvi is somewhat similar to my character, Kalamandalam Rajasree, in Diamond Necklace, especially considering the way she thinks and talks,” says the actor.

Angry Babies, in Love is being produced under the banner of Dimac Creations. The cinematographer is Anil Nair and music director is Bijibal. Stills are by Hari Thirumala.

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