High Five

A still from ‘Amelie’  


This French film centres on Amelie Poulain, a waitress who finds comfort in improving the lives of others. She finds true love along the way.


Two detectives, each with contrasting ideologies and work ethics, work together to apprehend a killer who commits crimes based on the seven deadly sins. This dark crime drama is masterfully directed by David Fincher.


The movie throws light on the undue pressure in middle class families to boost their children into the upper strata of society by educating them in so-called elite schools. In the process, the child’s innate talents are ignored. It highlights the changing priorities of new-generation parents.


A story reminiscent of the classic Frankenstein, the film is about a programmer who is invited by an entrepreneur to conduct a Turing's test on an intelligent humanoid played by Alicia Vikander in a brilliant performance. However things aren't as they seem to be and the movie has audiences asking questions about what is real and what is not.


Horror movie fans would agree that this is one of the scariest flicks released in recent years. The film is almost completely devoid of jump scares and the tactic of not showing the mysterious entity until the very end pays off.



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