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Hard-hitting storyline "Yuddham Sei"  

A team of commendable performers come together for Mysskin's Yuddham Sei (A), a hard-hitting story about the vulnerability of young women preyed on by 60-plus men. This moneyed lot, which has an insatiable craving for sex, finds gratification in voyeurism. And heading the war against the vicarious group is JK (Cheran), an officer with the CB-CID.

As always, Mysskin's casting is interesting. For the first time, Cheran, the eternal romantic of the big screen, is made to hold a gun! He is agile, and quite at home in the part, which doesn't call for much effort on the expression front.

Three actors stand out — Jayaprakash, Y. Gee. Mahendra and Lakshmi Ramakrishnan. It is one of those rare occasions where the versatile Mahendra finds a proper platform to showcase his prowess as a performer of merit. In a short span, Jayaprakash has proved his mettle in a variety of character roles — YS takes him to the next level. And as a mother waiting to avenge her daughter's death, it is a power-packed performance from Lakshmi Ramakrishnan. Plaudits to the trio!

Selva, who played hero some years ago, makes a re-entry, this time in an anti part, and does a decent job of it. The two assistants of Cheran — Dipa Shah and Shankar — impress in a quiet way.

Generally, the police commissioner in Tamil cinema is very predictable — you see one, you've seen them all. Strange that Mysskin's commissioner is no different! Stranger still that a filmmaker, writer and film academy chief of Hariharan's stature dons a role that's run of the mill!

Rape and murder are common among the villains in YS. But though they kidnap the sister of the CID officer and keep her under lock and key, she remains unharmed!

Humour in its subtlest form is evident in scenes such as the one outside the station where the policeman turns a petty thief.

Cinematographer Sathya's contribution is crucial — his lens and lighting accentuate the suspense and eeriness of the drama. K, the new composer, revs up the tempo with his splendid re-recording that you forget the pedestrian nature of his ‘Kanni Theevu …' number — a typical Mysskin brand of item song, with a yellow-sari-clad Neetu Chandra. But why did director Ameer have to join her for the sequence and that too in such a crude costume?

At times, YS is unbelievably commercial. Like the fight sequence on the foot bridge, where Cheran faces an eight-pronged attack. The henchmen target the hero only in twos and wait for one pair to fall down in agony before the next enters the fray! Mysskin could probably contend that it is Samurai-like action but the fact is realism takes a beating here.

Mysskin is a thinking director, who makes no bones about his yen for makers in the league of Kurosawa and Kitano. The influence is generally seen in his intelligent storylines. Yet the first half of YS hangs in strands and confounds the viewer — ambiguity rules the segment. Nevertheless, the latter half brings you to the edge of your seat, most of the time.

Yuddham Sei

Genre: Thriller

Director: Mysskin

Cast: Cheran, Y. Gee. Mahendra, Jayaprakash

Storyline: When young women go missing, CB-CID officer JK enters the scene.

Bottomline: Gripping, post-interval

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