Cinema Quiz

1. Who played Professor Higgins to Audrey Hepburn’s Eliza Doolittle in May Fair Lady?

2. Who dubbed Ajith’s voice in his debut film Amaravathi?

3. Eddie Murphy’s Coming to America was made in Tamil with Prabhu in the lead. What was it titled?

4. Which Tamil star of yesteryear was called ‘Latchiya Nadigar’?

5. For which character did Jeremy Irons give the voice in the Disney classic The Lion King?

6. Marion Michael Morrison is better known as…?

7. What breed of dog was Beethoven in the eponymous family comedy film?

8. Who played Hemanatha Bagavathar in the mythological classic Thiruvilayadal?

9. In which Oscar-winning 1980s film did Dustin Hoffman dress as a woman?

10. What was the sequel to Three Men and a Baby called?


1. Rex Harrison.

2. Vikram.

3. My Dear Marthandan.

4. S.S. Rajendran.

5. Scar.

6. John Wayne.

7. St. Bernard.

8. T.S. Balaiah.

9. Tootsie.

10. Three Men and a Little Lady.

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