Yuvan Shankar Raja: 'I avoid thinking about the past, only take lessons from it'

Yuvan Shankar Raja has been a music sensation for more than two decades now. With an illustrious career featuring movies such as Dheena, Nandha, Thulluvadho Ilamai, 7G Rainbow Colony, Billa, and more recently, Maari 2, and Hero to his credit, Yuvan, who is 40 years old, started off envisioning a life with and for music when he was 15.

Paying a touch-and-go visit to Madurai to unveil commercial ad film Cutie Pei for the launch of six advanced diagnostic labs in Southern districts by Meenakshi Mission Hospital and Research Centre, the musician spoke of his upcoming releases and current music trends. Excerpts from a quick chat:

How was the experience working on an ad film?

I have done it for a good cause, for the importance given to health. I am sure my fans will be happy to see my work.

How excited are you about your first release of 2020, Bommai?

I am super excited as always. I have completed around 150 films but I look forward to every new film with the same enthusiasm and anxiety.

Is there a new genre that you would like to explore?

There are hundreds of things I want to keep trying. It is never easy to pinpoint a particular concept or genre. There is so much to learn and explore in music and I have always found it hard to narrow it down.

What does music mean to you?

For me, music is like a person I revere. It will always be with me and for me.

How do see your journey thus far?

I do not look back. If I do so, it makes me nervous. I avoid thinking about the past. I only take lessons from it. But the future is always challenging. Everyday is a new learning experience. I am not the type who likes to predict where I will be in the next 10 years. I simply live for the present and do my work with dedication and passion.

Yuvan Shankar Raja: 'I avoid thinking about the past, only take lessons from it'

What do you think of the multitude of music streaming apps in the market these days?

I would consider them a boon as long as the artistes are being paid. They [the apps] are a good way to monitor your track and the digitisation. We get to monitor how many streams are made and pinpoint the location, where our music is listened to. Within a period of time, our music will reach a wider audience, eventually everybody will have access to it.

K-pop is a sensation among young adults these days. What do you think about Asian music’s worldwide reach?

People are looking at Asian music closely and tracks that capture [their interest] will get the spotlight. I sensed this after ‘Rowdy Baby’ became the most played song on YouTube. K-pop is definitely big and I do listen to a few tracks. I am confident that Indian music will also be in the same lane soon.

Is there that one fan you can never forget?

I remember this guy at a function who climbed on to the stage to just hold my hand. He did not care about the bouncers and didn’t even speak to me. He just wanted to be near me.

Do you have any advice for budding musicians?

Just keep listening to good music. Music has the ability and power to transform you and your moods like nothing else.

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