Catch ‘The Importance of Failing Fabulously!’ live online

Tahatto presents The Importance of Failing Fabulously!, written by Prashanth Nair and directed by Badarivishal Kinhal, this weekend.

The interactive play will be performed live and will be available to watch online. Elaborating on what the play is about, Badarivishal says, “It talks about failure in a much more celebratory manner rather than looking at failure as something to be ashamed of and something to fear. It also shows people how humanity has always been failing. We have created all these useful and fabulous things but they appeared because there were so many failures that led to that.” He adds that while it can be taken as ‘failure is a stepping stone to success’, “failure too needs to be celebrated”.

While the play was written before the pandemic, he says, “We had started rehearsals with the intention of performing it on stage. But midway through rehearsals, the pandemic happened. Initially, we thought things would be okay but around the end of May, we realised this was going to go on for longer and that’s when we started rehearsing for Zoom-based shows.”

The play was written to be interactive and engage with the audience. He says, “It will still be interactive. Now, we have to use the features available on Zoom such as polling and chat.”

Talking about the challenges of performing and directing a play online, Badarivishal says, “It was extremely challenging in the initial stages. Actors are used to moving in a physical space and interacting with co-actors. So, we had to sort of work on the acting skills itself to begin with and learn and relearn some skills to adapt to this medium. Luckily, people around the world are trying out these things so we communicated with them and exchanged notes.”

Register and watch the play at Tickets cost ₹200 each. There is a show on September 19 and 20 at 7 pm.

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