Taher Shah: killing me softly with his song

Anusha Surendran 09 April 2016 18:17 IST
Updated: 13 April 2016 16:43 IST

Just when Indians had started to grudgingly accept that the Pakistani music scene could be a shade better than ours with their superb Coke Studio, singer Taher Shah has managed to tilt things in our favour with just one song.

If you don’t know what we are talking about yet, do get on to your Twitter or FB timelines and have a lazy Saturday shattered by a man in a gown.

Titled ‘Angel’, the song has Shah attired in a pink (or is it magenta?) gown and also with a tiara to add to the ensemble. Yes. You heard that right! So what is so different about this video, you ask? The online world is full of funny singers with funnier garbs! Because this video has not only spawned numerous memes praising Shah for his confidence (admit it!) but it has taken the internet by storm with its imaginative-yet-simple lyrics. Here is a sample:


“Angel, mankind, angel, mankind

I am like an angel

mankind’s angel

my heart is like a rose

mankind soul

did his creation

by god

heaven on earth

mankind’s angel

lonely for you”

Memes apart, we now have actors and celebs tweeting about this new Pakistani sensation. Bollywood actor Twinkle Khanna tweeted:

And now, #TaherShah is trending on Twitter in both India and Pakistan, something that is not usually seen in the world of politics. We now have Twitteratti connecting the failed Indo-Pak talks with this new online sensation!

With over 45K followers for his Twitter account, Shah seems to have a cult following for his unique brand of music. Just to give a little sneak peek into this artiste, this is Shah’s second single. His first song ‘Eye to Eye’ which released in 2013 shot up to fame minutes after it was released. Clad in a white suit with flowing hair, Shah croons about ‘classic and romantic love’ in his inimitable fashion.

Brace yourself, and watch this video now!