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A hot game summer: mark your calendars for the must-play video games of the season

Screenshot from Resident Evil Village   | Photo Credit: Capcom


Release: April 30

Screenshot from Returnal

Screenshot from Returnal   | Photo Credit: Housemarque

If you are one of the lucky few to secure yourself a PlayStation 5, then you are in luck. One of Playstation's first party games is scheduled to launch on April 30. Made by the folks behind the bullet hell game Resogin, Returnal is, well, another bullet hell game. Yet this time around the character and monster designs have been unique making this an interesting horror take on the genre.

Resident Evil VIII: Village

Release: May 7

If you feel that things out there are not horrifying enough, the new Resident Evil is scheduled to be out in a few weeks. Stylised as ‘VIIIage’, the new entry continues the story of Ethan as he finds himself in a European village that is ruled by a 10 foot tall vampire countess Lady Dimitrescu, who with her hideous daughters relentlessly pursue you. Considering the fan love that Lady Dimitrescu has already garnered through fan art and cosplay, this game is going to be worth the wait.

Over the weekend, a demo came out into which to sink your teeth before the big release.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition

Release: May 14

Screenshot from Mass Effect: Legendary Edition

Screenshot from Mass Effect: Legendary Edition   | Photo Credit: EA

The original Mass Effect trilogy is a sweeping soap opera of a role-playing game. It follows you, Commander Shepard, and your assembled crew of humans and aliens as you jet across the galaxy dealing with universe-ending threats. A graphics overhaul as well as tweaks based on feedback over the years and better controls for the Mako, the vehicle you use to explore planets, you cannot afford not to miss out on Mass Effect.

Next-gen backlog?

If you have secured yourself next gen consoles, then all of your favourite games are getting new and improved updates. Games like Control, Nioh 2 Remastered, Assassins Creed Valhalla and more have got new updates. With Witcher 3 Wild Hunt, Final Fantasy 7 Remake and more getting their updates at a future date.

Now would be the perfect time to attack that backlog with fresh graphics and smoother frame rates.

Cyberpunk 2077

Screenshot from Cyberpunk 2077

Screenshot from Cyberpunk 2077   | Photo Credit: CD Projekt Red

Were you one of millions disappointed by the disastrous bug-riddled release of Cyberpunk 2077 and has completely abandoned that game? Now would be a good time to reconsider. Though the game is still brimming with mishaps on last gen consoles, on PC, there has been a steady stream of updates that have fixed a lot of things, including driving and the pesky ‘instant cop spawn’ when you commit a crime.

Keanu Reeves-starrer Cyberpunk 2077 is worth a second chance, it is one of the best entries this decade.

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Hitman 3 (also 1 and 2)

Screenshot from Hitman 3

Screenshot from Hitman 3   | Photo Credit: IO Interactive

The Hitman: World of Assassination trilogy over the past 20 years came to a close with Hitman 3.

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If you have been putting the series off to play at a later date, now would be the best time to stealth up. This murder simulator has deep and vibrant levels teeming with life (and death), giving you multiple paths to eliminate your targets — some hilarious and some gory — but the sheer openness allows you to get creative by engineering your own ‘accidents’ or using cunning to lure your opponents into unfortunate situations.

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If you are playing the third entry, you might as well revisit the first two as well.


Screenshot from Outriders

Screenshot from Outriders   | Photo Credit: People Can Fly

Outriders quickly became one of the most popular games of 2021. This sleeper hit has you play a super soldier with powers tasked with colonising a new planet full of massive monsters. Created by a small studio that brought you Bulletstorm, Outriders has done what Fallout 76, Avengers and Anthem struggled to do — usher in a fun, online co-op looting and shooting experience.

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While the initial launch was a disaster, the servers are slowly getting better as is the cross-play. With an excellent story and superb action game mechanics, this should keep you busy for months.

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