‘Iruttu’ movie review: A unique ghost, but a storyline without any spirit

‘Irutti’ does grave injustice to the material on hand

‘Irutti’ does grave injustice to the material on hand  


This latest horror movie offering from Kollywood revolves around a ‘Jinn’— and you thought gin was the only spirit out there!

This has indeed been the decade of horror in Tamil cinema, and as we come to the end of the year, Kollywood throws up yet another unique ghost... just when you thought you’ve seen it all. This one is a ‘Muslim ghost’ —one that is called a ‘Jinn’ — and it’s out to terrorise people who are otherwise minding their own business in a scenic hill station. And you thought gin was the only spirit out there.

Iruttu’s first ten minutes show promise in terms of making: darkness descends, and five murders take place in different locations. There’s a catch though. There are no fingerprint marks, and the inspector on the case immolates himself.

Enter Chezhiyan (Sundar C) who arrives with his family to take over the case as inspector. Chezhiyan takes it upon himself to unravel the mystery surrounding these events. The first few sequences are all murky, and you’re tempted to think that there might be something substantial in Iruttu, before director VZ Dhorai succumbs to ‘commercial pressure’ and does grave injustice to the material on hand.

  • Director: Dhorai VZ
  • Cast: Sundar C, Dhansika, VTV Ganesh, Sakshi Chaudhary
  • Storyline: An inspector is out to find out the reason behind mysterious murders

Sample this: Chezhiyan is returning home on his Bullet when he encounters a man doing something unusual. He chases the man, but fails to catch him. He returns home puzzled, wondering what just happened. Meanwhile, back home, his wife (Sakshi Chaudhary) has just faced some supernatural activity and is supposed to be on the brink of breaking down. Chezhiyan comes home, and he and Sakshi go about their business as if nothing happened, and worse, break into a horrendous duet a few minutes later!

The performances are very outdated. Sundar C might look like your average Tamil Nadu inspector, but he does not seem very involved in the case he’s handling. Sai Dhansika gets to scream her lungs out, and VTV Ganesh does very VTV Ganesh-like things. But throughout, Iruttu seems very unsure if it should be a horror-comedy or a horror-thriller or pure horror, and falters without purpose.

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