Zephyrtone on collaborations, creating songs on love, and more

Zephyr Ruth and Sayan Dhar  

“The cute couple duo” as their Instagram bio reads, Zephyrtone — Zephyr Ruth and Sayan Dhar — is all set for an epic battle of tunes at Vh1 Sound Nation League 2021.

The young musical pair asserted how delighted they are to land this opportunity and are eagerly looking forward to it. “We know our fans are going to support us. We were both stoked to know that Vh1 nominated us for the contest along with some really great artists.” says Zephyr over the phone.

Narrating about the changes that the producer-vocalist duo has seen in their music since the start of their career in 2015, Zephyr added, “For us, we have been exploring different genres of music. We keep experimenting with our music and style. Instead of sticking to genres, we go with whatever sounds beautiful and catchy.”

From Billie Eilish to Shirley Setia, the world is seeing a squall of young musicians. When asked about the couple’s favourite of the lot, someone they would like to collaborate with and produce music with in the future, Zephyr says, “At the moment, it’s Khalid for us. His work is inspirational. We love his voice, lyrics and work. We are also looking forward to collaborations, but it takes a lot of effort and time.”

She adds, “We are very stubborn and we always knew what we wanted to do. We already come from a musical background and thus music came naturally to us. It was a mutual decision. Both Sayan and I have had the same interests right from the beginning. We started in 2016 and since then we’ve been creating music and touring across the country.”

Zephyr also takes us through the creative process of producing their music. “We start everything from scratch. Most of our music is a result of an impromptu jam session. I have an obsession with love songs and that’s what I love to write. Of course, I have had past experiences that push and drive me to work on love songs specifically. Keeping in mind that we want to reach a larger audience and make relatable music, we work on the songs. It’s not always about killing the song, we don’t go by that mindset... it’s a natural process,” she says.

The duo was known for their performances in college concerts all over India before the pandemic took over our lives. Explaining how different the scenario is today, Zephyr says, “We have done a couple of online concerts, but I can’t really say that we had the same amount of fun. It’s quite difficult to capture people’s attention vitually. Sometimes I find myself crazy dancing in front of the camera (laughs). But we’re hoping for a better future.”

Going forward, Zephyr says that the duo will now put more focus on their socials. They plan on creating and uploading diverse covers on social media to keep their audience engaged and in touch with them. “Practice is the key. The more you practice, the better you get at your art. Go watch as many YouTube tutorials as you can!” Zephyr concludes.

Vh1 India’s Sound Nation League began on July 29, and the winner will be announced on August 15


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