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The three-piece British rock band, who were in the country for the first time, talk about their start and whether India will be a part of their next song

“Oh no, we have the worst answer for this. We always say we should make up a story about it. There is no special reason behind the name; we just thought it sounded cool,” says Brendan Aherne, lead singer of Alexis Kings, when asked if there is a story behind the band’s name (say in the vein of Keith Moon suggesting Led Zeppelin or Mark Knopfler’s Dire Straits story).

The three-piece British rock band, comprising Brendan, Sam Privett (lead guitar) and Fabio Bocca (drums), were in Bengaluru last week to perform at Hard Rock Café, Whitefeld, as part of a multi-city India tour.

After completing soundcheck, which included a rendition of The Beatles’ ‘Come Together’, the friendly and unassuming Brendan and Fabio sat down for a chat with MetroPlus.

Growing up in St Albans, near London, Brendan and Sam, who were in school together, loved making music and played a handful of shows. Says Brendan, “After university, we decided to make a go of it for a year. So, we went away to Norfolk and made our first EP, Squire (2016). Then we met a relative of Fabio’s who introduced us to him. He was probably only 18 at the time. But he was unbelievable at that age. And that was kind of that really. We have been together since.”

The eponymous single off the EP — an addictive, summery tune — made it to the Top 10 of the Spotify UK Viral Chart. The band also garnered praise from top radio stations such as BBC Radio 1 and Radio X.

Seeing that their musical style has elements of various genres from rock to funk, how would they describe it? Brendan says, “The first EP was popular when it came out but it was a bit all over the place in terms of the sound. We are back to recording and producing all the songs ourselves now. One of the main things we want to do is create a sound so we are recognisable. So, we love being funky, we love having a good production behind the beat. Beats and bass are like the most important thing for us. We think we naturally have singalong choruses so I think we just have a reaction to our gigs. With our new songs especially, we want to have a sound running through all of them.”

What’s cooking?
  • Brendan says, “Our next single, which we produced and recorded, is called ‘Cosmo’. We have been shooting a video ever since we got to India. We started in Mumbai and have been shooting at every gig we have. It will be really cool. Whenever we have these international tours, we always try and put a music video together. We might have an amazing feature on it which we can’t really talk about until it is confirmed. Hopefully, it will come out in the next month or so if we’re lucky.”

Says Fabio, “Yes, pretty much. It is like a new sound. It is a bit boring doing the same thing over and over again. I think for as long as we are going on, we will always be testing different stuff. Just doing what makes us happy and what we enjoy doing. That is the most important part.”

As for what they take inspiration from while writing the songs, Brendan says, “A lot of songwriters talk about themselves and their experiences but that is not too much with me. It is more about the people around me and their experiences or stories I have heard. The last two songs, however, have been personal, so I will probably tap into something different there. We are definitely going to be trying some different things with the new stuff.”

And though the band is visiting India for the first time, they do have an Indian connection as they are the ambassadors for a charity, Wells on Wheels. “We went to Nashik and we had no idea what we got ourselves into. There was a ceremony…” “It was incredible,” interjects Fabio, adding that the school children put up a dance for them. “We were on the news, dancing with the kids! We will be making a song from the experiences out here,” says Brendan.

On whether fans can look forward to a full-length album this year (the lyric video for the band’s latest song, ‘Surrender’, released on YouTube last month), Brendan says “I think when the time is right, we will release an album. I think we just want to keep releasing songs. I don't know how many albums are released because people have a short attention span. They listen to an album probably once or twice, then the next wave of music is out. A lot of effort goes into these songs, but they get lost.”

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