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When opera is a way of life

Lauren Pearl

Lauren Pearl  


Canadian singer Lauren Pearl Eberwein finds that her songs are a form of storytelling that facilitates her creative expression

In a chic attire dressed right for the Hyderabadi winter is Canadian operatic singer Lauren Pearl Eberwein, shuffling time for an interview in between a quick lunch and her rehearsals ahead of her performance in the city. She rings in a twist to a western classical concert with her soulful singing, as it’s the first time that SOTA has added a vocal dimension to it’s annual music series Resonance.

A few days into her first Indian trip, Lauren shares, “India seems home to me already. It feels like I’ve been here before. I may have a past life here (giggles). The vibes are working just right before my concert.” She describes her singing career as a product of love, passion, faith, courage and perseverance. Growing up on the West coast in Canada and singing to the oceans, music was a way for her to become one with nature. “I was lucky enough to have teachers to encourage me and streamline my talents. I know to play the violin and piano too, though I’m not a professional at it,” Lauren adds.

Lauren finds that she expresses herself authentically through her songs and even labels herself as a chameleon the stage. “I am an actress as much as I am a singer. My job is to tell stories. I do everything to embody the character I’m portraying - from the physicality to the way I move to the way I sing. I want to be as honest and truthful as possible on the stage and that’s the way I connect with the audience,” she shares.

Her mother was the one who encouraged her to pursue her musical interests. That Lauren lost her at the young age of 11, reminded her of the purpose in life. “I had to sing, at least for her,” was what she thought for herself. Lauren considers it a blessing to be taking up music as a career, regardless of the audience she attracts. Her three-year stint with the Canadian Opera Company has helped her become what she’s today. “The opportunity to perform professionally with world-class players while still being trained, was a beautiful experience. Learning the difference between carrying your voice in a small room with a minimal audience to an opera hall that has a 2000-numbered audience and how the sound travels based on acoustics, there was so much to absorb,” Lauren reminisces a memorable stint.

Lauren also finds that technology has changed the music industry immensely and she prefers to the brighter side of the picture. “Yes, the recording industry has changed, everyone has access to history and a standard of music that one has to adhere to,” she mentions. Lauren’s tryst with technology has seen her experiment with amplification, use microphone and a looping station to vary the range of her voice too. “I am juggling the opera with modern sound so that I can connect with more people,” she says.

Travel is an unavoidable dimension of a musician’s career, but given her penchant to explore and travel, Lauren seems to have picked the right profession. To make sure she isn’t fatigued by travel, she always stays hydrated, wears a humidifier mask during her flights, sleeps well, carrying a box comprising a scent of oils that particularly comfort her senses.

She confesses that the founder of SOTA Resonance in Hyderabad, Timothy Marthand and she are kindred spirits; they resonated at many levels. “I felt a friend, there was an ease with which we communicated,” Lauren says. Her biggest motivation for any performance is to remind people why they live, and how any form of art is a balm for the soul.

Ahead of her concert, she sounds confident about her abilities and wants to absorb the soundscape of the region before she leaves. “I take this responsibility of being among the rare operatic voices that Hyderabad gets to hear. I may not have a lot of experience with Indian music but for certain knowledge about Pandit Ravi Shankar. I hope to make the most of the concert season here. Opera is about experiencing emotion at its most concentrated level in every sense of the word.”

(Lauren Pearl Eberwein performs for Resonance 2020 on January 4, 2020, at The Westin Hyderabad Mindspace. Tickets can be booked at

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