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Taylor Swift: From country sweetheart to pop princess

Taylor Swift  

When Taylor Swift’s latest single, ‘You Need To Calm Down,’ dropped on June 14, her sympathy for the LGBTQ community was clear throughout the song. As part of her tracklist for her upcoming album ‘Lover,’ slated for release on August 23, this song was aptly released during the Pride month and spoke out for this group of minorities. In a society where fighting for the rights of the LGBTQ is growing by the day, this song reinforced those beliefs.

Looking back, all I could think of was her ‘Love Story’ days, when she was beginning the journey from a country sweetheart to pop princess. From being a girl from Pennsylvania who loved to sing, Swift is now considered one of the top female artistes of all time, who has definitely not been afraid to speak her mind and has gone through a daring evolution in her music.

Swift first came onto the music scene in 2006 with her track Tim McGraw, which was inspired by a boy she liked in her class. The familiar strumming of country music and the heartfelt vocals told the story of love and confessions in teenage years. Fast forward to the present and Swift has been the queen of the charts with every album she releases. It was not a smooth climb to the top. In fact, her rise to fame has been littered with controversies along the way.

Following the release in 2006 of her self-titled album, ‘Taylor Swift,’ the path to fame and her target audience seemed quite clear — teenage girls who listen to country music. In 2008, came ‘Fearless,’ perhaps the biggest album, or at least the album that made her who she is today. Its lead track ‘Love Story’ had a modern day Romeo and Juliet and everyone lived happily ever after.

It’s hard to imagine the ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ hitmaker, who went all dark and revolutionised her persona in her most recent record breaking album ‘Reputation,’ was the same girl who crooned about teenage dreams, falling in love, breaking up and moving on. And yet, this change was exactly what happened. Following her multiple controversies, Swift went underground only to emerge prior to the release of ‘Reputation,’ which came out in 2017.

Gone was the sweet, sparkling-eyed and rosy lipped country princess, who was replaced by a woman, who knew what she wanted and was fearless in her pursuit of it. The old Taylor was gone and wasn’t ever coming back. Her transformation from country to pop is seen across her three albums — ‘Speak Now,’ ‘Red’ and ‘1989,’ which was a transition from country to country-pop and finally pure pop.

Anticipation for her upcoming album is high because it is a direct contrast to ‘Reputation,’ which was dark and brooding. ‘Lover’ on the other hand is clad in pastels and sports a happy vibe, a vibe of accepting and loving oneself. So far the two singles — ‘Me’ and ‘You Need To Calm Down’ are classic pop happy-go-lucky songs and it seems as though this is what the entire album will be based on.

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