Telangana day tunes to the fore

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Music was an effective tool in the journey towards Telangana statehood. It was a form of protest then, now the music in the region attains a celebratory tone and evokes fulfilment. Telangana Formation Day isn’t only about celebration, it’s a reminder of the sacrifices of revolutionaries and the rich cultural, literary history spanning decades. Commemorating the occasion, many singers from Telangana have come up with their musical tributes on digital media. All in different forms but with a similar gratitude to the State. We throw light on the best ones.

Maagani Matti Merupu

Telangana day tunes to the fore

Singer: Madhupriya

Music: Nandan Raj Bobbili

Lyrics : Kandikonda

The song featuring singer Madhupriya comes with an interesting hook element and impressive visuals. One of the youngest singers who lent her voice in iconic occasions leading to the state formation, Madhupriya’s energy uplifts the number.

With catchy lyrics that combine facts with the right rhythm, Maagani evokes a unique folk flavour and talks of historic sites, traditions and issues of topical relevance that complete the region.

Orugallu Kotanadugu

Telangana day tunes to the fore

Singers: Mangli (Satyavathi), Jangi Reddy

Music: Nandan Raj Bobbili

Lyrics : Kandikonda

Who better than Mangli to talk about Telangana? The singer’s vigour wonderfully complements the earthy vocals of Jangi Reddy in this song that says inanimate objects and sites too know what went into the making of Telangana. Kandikonda’s lines like ‘Golukonda godanadgu, godaloni odanadugu’ reflect the celebratory mood of residents on the Telangana Formation Day. Fruits, flowers, spices, music unique to Telangana find a mention in this song.

Telangana Shan

Telangana day tunes to the fore

Singers: Varam, Meghraj Ravindra

Music: Chinni Krishna

Lyrics: Anand Korva

Although the song focuses on the more obvious aspects one would know about Telangana, the history, the present and the promise of a glorious future, the number’s appeal lies in its interesting mishmash of genres. Popular singer Varam’s rendition mirrors the tone and spirit of the Statehood movement, Meghraj Ravindra’s rap interludes break the monotony in the number well. Better visual appeal could have registered a stronger impact.

Dharani Telanganama

Telangana day tunes to the fore

Singers: Bhole Shavali, Varam

Music: Satya Somesh

Lyrics: Yaadi Pathkula

‘Dharani Telanganama’ reminds you of Gaddar’s ‘Podustunna Poddumeeda’ (of Jai Bolo Telangana), although the interesting melodic twist is likeable. The number sticks to simple instrumentation while quality vocals and non-pompous lyrics by Yaadi aids the mood. Religious diversity, architectural glory, literary greatness of the land are the song’s focus areas; montages of several children are used to highlight the hope for a promising future.

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