Pantula Rama’s heartwarming rendition

Pantula Rama performing at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan’s 2018 December Music Festival

Pantula Rama performing at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan’s 2018 December Music Festival   | Photo Credit: R. Revathi

A marked feel of sowkhyam prevailed through Pantula Rama's concert. Her choice of kritis complemented the slow tempo that dominated the recital.

The lucid enunciation of the ragas Vanaspati and Devagandhari and the articulately rendered kritis ‘Pariyachakama’ (Tyagaraja) and ‘Enneramum’ (Gopalakrishna Bharati) had many lingering phrases. The swarakalpana was interestingly woven to land in panchama to begin the pallavi line ‘Pariyachakama’. And ‘Enneramum undan’ displayed the piety in the composition.

Pantula Rama began the concert with the Mohana raga varnam and followed it up with a sprightly ‘Gananathane’ in Saranga, a composition of Periyasamy Thooran laced with fast-paced swaras. In the elaborate essay of Hamsanadam, her voice traversed effortlessly in three sthayis.

The popular ‘Bantureeti’ of Tyagaraja with niraval in the traditional line ‘Ramanama manu’, unleashing a stream of creative phrases, steered to a zesty array of swaras.

The expansive rendition of Bilahari sprinkled with gliding notes was a prelude to the pallavi ‘Hari Srihari Ahobilahari’ composed by Rama’s husband and the violinist of the evening M.S.N. Murthy, set in Khanda Jati Triputa. Rendered with deep veneration, the short pallavi that consisted of simple set of words turned grand with delightful phrases. Glimpses of Vaasanthi and Kedaram formed a part of the ragamalika section and the mandatory trikala exercise was meticulously carried out.

She rounded off the concert with the verses ‘Kapi madhuripuna’ (Kapi) from Jayadeva’s Gita Govindam set in an enjoyable pace.

M.S.N. Murthy on the violin matched the creativity with measured portrayal of ragas and augmented the flow of the concert. The percussive support by Kotipalli Ramesh on the mridangam and K.V. Gopalakrishnan on the ganjira and their gratifying thani added charm to the concert.

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