An appealing Kamboji by A.S. Murali

A.S. Murali with A.S. Ranganathan, A.S. Krishnan and Pakkal Ramadas.  

Vocalist A.S. Murali strung together lively raga sequences in his concert for Arunachala Ramana Sangeetha Sabha’s Navaratri series. In the Kamboji alapana, he effectively brought out the raga’s graceful characteristics. On the violin, Pakkala Ramadas ably and creatively responded with a perfect delineation.

Murali, a student of guru P.S. Narayanaswamy, presented Papanasam Sivan’s composition on Shiva, ‘Aadum deivam nee arulvaay’. He used the scope that the pallavi offers for improvisation to come up with distinct and charming phrases. In the swaraprastara at the charanam, ‘Subhamser kaaliyudan aadi padu tholvi anji’ he once again showed his training and considerable skill.

This line brings to the fore the composer’s love for chaste Tamil and knowledge of mythology.

Accompanying him on the mridangam and morsing were his brothers, A.S. Ranganathan and A.S. Krishnan, who struck a fine partnership in the tani avartanam. They contributed to enhancing the concert’s appeal. Murali, who is also a ghatam artiste, enjoyed every moment of the thani.

Apt choice of songs

The Kiravani alapana was conceived well. Ramadas’s repartees were engaging. Murali’s choice of the Appar Thevaram, ‘Vaananai mathi choodiya’, in praise of Shiva at Tiruvannamalai, was appropriate, as the recital was for the Arunachala Ramana sabha. The niraval at ‘Veeranai vidamundanai' was one from the heart, with a ably-structured swaraprastara in misra chapu.

Murali had begun his concert with ‘Saraseeruhaasana priye’ in Nattai by Puliyur Doraiswamy Iyer, with swaras at the usual ‘Saraswathi’. This was followed by the popular Janaranjani kriti by Mahavaidyanatha Iyer, ‘Pahimam sri raja rajeswari’. Its sparkling chittaswara has become a staple for this raga. The exchange of swaras between the vocalist and the violinist was enchanting.

Dikshitar’s ‘Renuka devi samrakshithoham’ in Kannada Bangala (khanda chapu) was a connoisseur’s delight. This composition is in the eighth Vibhakti. Tyagaraja’s Bhavapriya kriti, ‘Sri kanthaniyeda’, in Desadi was crisply rendered.

Murali concluded with Madurai Srinivasan’s popular piece, 'Karunai Deivame' in Sindhu Bhairavi. Vocal support was by Shyam Sundar and tambura by Amritha. The concert is available on Arkay Convention Centre's YouTube channel.

The Chennai-based author specialises in Carnatic music.

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