Margazhi for the children: On T.M. Krishna’s only concert this Season

It’s been a while since T.M. Krishna has made a Margazhi appearance in Chennai. Then again, where the Chennai Children’s Choir is concerned, he says the opportunity to present an exclusive concert in an effort to raise funds for the choir was one “he simply couldn’t turn down.”

“I’ve seen this choir from its early days; they’ve performed at the Urur Olcott Festival. The way the children are brought together so beautifully is precious. If I can be a small part of that, then that’s all that matters to me,” he says.

Dedicated effort

Joining hands with Sriram Ayer’s Nalandaway Foundation, an organisation dedicated to using the arts to help children from disadvantaged communities, the proceeds of the concert will go towards funding the choir and its initiatives.

Though the association has been around for many years, this concert marks the first official collaboration between Krishna and Nalandaway, one that’s been in the making for quite some time.

“The Foundation has shown constant commitment and the movement it spearheads is so vital. It speaks in many different ways about art, about the essence of creativity, and most importantly, about how crucial access is,” he explains. The Foundation’s mission resonates strongly with Krishna, whose Urur Olcott Vizha is a way to reach out to marginalised communities through creative means in order to bridge societal gaps. Gearing up for the upcoming Vizha himself, Krishna says he found common ground with the Foundation’s effort to implement arts in the city’s classrooms.

“We keep talking about education being about opening minds but what we need for that, simply put, is crossfire. This can happen by providing stimulus that originates from conversation, engaging with your hands, with art, and with visualisation. Bringing all of that into the system is really the way forward when discussing holistic education,” he says .

It’s a movement he hopes expands, urging sabhas to also widen their audiences this time of the year, introducing more school and college children of Chennai into the Margazhi season.

“It boils down to access, basically. If we can join hands to take the arts to the public and maybe even provide tickets to school and college children, it would be a truly transformative experience because once you grant access, magical things can happen.”

T.M. Krishna presents a fundraiser concert on December 29 (7 p.m.). For tickets visit

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