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Vijay Antony: I’m not a good actor

 Vijay Antony prefers not to be a star

Vijay Antony prefers not to be a star

Vijay Antony lives and swears by cinema. Given his roles as an actor, producer, editor and a composer, he works close to 20 hours a day, does two-three films a year, quick to change looks, moving onto shoot locations and hearing scripts. In a promotional tour around AP and Telangana to promote Indrasena (the dubbed version of the Tamil film Annadurai ), he insists in the chat “I’m not a good actor. I choose strong scripts.”

About the title, he elaborates “The title of the film was meant to be simple and powerful, that’s why we chose Chiranjeevi’s name in Indra .”

For an actor conscious of his space and audience reach, was the post- Bicchgadu phase difficult in terms of choosing scripts? “It’s simple. You watch a great film like Baahubali , you still aren’t getting affected by the other films you watch. I only treat myself as an audience with each film, I enjoy different stories. Indrasena too came that way, I didn’t want to get confused by keeping myself on a high pedestal.” Point out that Bethaludu and Yaman had characters that were larger-than-life and he says he wasn’t indulgent and only tried to stay true to the character and the demands of the script.

He is unfazed by the mixed responses of his last few outings . “Every film is like my own kid; I don’t treat them differently. The timing decides a film’s visibility, I believe Saithan ( Bethaludu in Telugu) didn’t get promoted well. I’m not regretting those films.” He prefers to look at his performance objectively. “I always question myself of what went wrong with a scene, how can I patch up the mistake or how it can be re-worked with the background score. I am self-critical, that’s why I’m able to judge my movie.”That he dons various roles in filmmaking, sometimes even as a lightman, helps him stay grounded and not get carried away by success. He says it’s like a woman doing many roles, as a mother, wife, sister, daughter, where she essays everything to perfection. “It’s for the best of the film.”

The production, finding a release are burdens, but that’s something he willingly chose. He has done almost four films in a 15-month span, that doesn’t strain him as he switches roles. “I’m not a Kamal Haasan or a Sivaji Ganesan, I know I’m Vijay Antony. It’s left to the director to portray me differently in each film.”

A song themed around GST helped Indrasena hit headlines for a while. “I used the word only to be unique and found it to be a nice concept. CBFC wanted me to remove it for certain reasons and I was okay with it. There were a lot of issues surrounding GST in Tamil Nadu and it’s a move whose impact you could judge only a decade later into its functioning. Creative liberty is an issue, but when a father explains and tells you to listen to him, you obey him despite a difference of opinion, it’s the same here,” he adds. The word GST is now replaced by EMI in the song.

Indrasena has him playing his first double role. Vijay Antony grew up watching films with actors in multiple roles and labels Micheal Madana Kamaraju his favourite. Indrasena promises to be an emotional drama between twin brothers, the director having a twin brother helped him understand the nuances better. “I don’t do any homework for my acting. One of the brothers has a beard and another doesn’t. You’d be able to differentiate between Indrasena and Rudrasena by their mannerisms.”

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