Positive about his negative roles

Winner of Mr India World pageant and super model Freddy Daruwala will be testing his luck this Friday. He is playing the main antagonist in Ravi Teja-starrer Touch Chesi Chudu. Did Freddy watch any Telugu movies before taking up this offer, he is quick to respond, “We do watch so many South Indian films dubbed in Hindi... the entertainment quotient is amazing, the production values are high and stories are new. I watch all South Indian films, I consider it as a medium only. It is not about the films, it is about business. The films releases in a particular area where people understand Telugu well. Mumbai has a great mix of people, only thing is frequency is less. My films Holiday and Commando keep repeating on the small tube, that’s how it became popular.”

Freddy is born into a middle class family in Surat. He says he plays all sorts of roles and as actor he gets to live a lot of lives in the characters given to him. Travelling and meeting new people, learning new language is an exciting part of his business. “I did theatre in Surat and Mumbai. I became Mr India World in 2007. I started modelling and after that realised I like this area of work, and I still do workshops on modelling.”

On his acting career Feddy says, “I’m playing mainly negative characters. That’s a challenge, to convince people that I am a bad guy. If you ask me I love to be a hero but now a days there isn’t much difference. Villains are equally smart, young, cool and stylish. Things have changed since the time of Pran or Amrish Puri.”

He adds, “Vikram Sirikonda was writing the character of a villain and he thought of me, probably he had a set ideas when he was casting. In 2016 the casting was on and he might have seen Commando 2. I had a meeting and I wanted to work in a South film. A negative role is always given importance like the positive is but I won’t say you will see me in the entire film like you see Ravi Teja. I am doing Race 3 with Salman Khan next and some more in the pipeline. Doing a Telugu film has opened my avenue and I am sure when the film releases people will approach me with work. So far the feedback from the team for my work has been positive.”

Isn’t getting a break in films and sustaining a career difficult compared to other professions? Freddy’s replies are laced with candour, “I have sold deodorants outside a mall, I have sold phones in cars, taught kids and did many random jobs. I think film industry is probably one of the toughest positions to be in right now. The actors have to prove themselves in every film and to get a film itself is another task. Everyone will have a beginner’s stage and everyone struggles to make their position. I too had my share of difficulties but they are comparatively less.”

There is hardly a few days for his debut release and Freddy is bit nervous, also he hasn’t seen the film yet. As a departing line, he says, “ I had a great time with Ravi Teja. He does his job, he is funny and a cool guy; never throws his weight around when newcomers are around. He and the man who plays my father are some of the few people I interacted on a day-to-day basis. Slowly I am picking up Telugu and doing my best to learn it.”

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