‘Phamous’ review: an endlessly documented story of rivalry and revenge

Pankaj Tripathi has come to a point where he can make sense of any role you cast him in. Here he is the innocent looking but menacing Chambal politician Ram Vijay Tripathi with a roving eye and endless libido. Looking at him working earnestly at his character you pity all the effort wasted at the alter of a bad film. He is not alone. There are other A list actors here (Kay Kay Menon, Jimmy Sheirgill) and a star of yore (Jackie Shroff) to boot. Throughout the film you wonder how the director was able to convince all of them and get them together for a script which has nothing going for it.

  • Director: Karan Lalit Butani
  • Starring: Jackie Shroff, Pankaj Tripathi, Kay Kay Menon, Jimmy Sheirgill, Shriya Sharan, Mahie Gill
  • Storyline: Four men in the Chambal ravines fight for power
  • Run time: 114.50

About the ravines of Chambal, the gun culture and the power emerging from the sundry rifles and pistols its about four men bonding and fighting at various points in their lives. Shambhu (Jackie) accidentally kills his own daughter on her wedding day while saving her from the lout Kadak (Kay Kay) who wants to kidnap her. He swears vengeance. Meanwhile, Kadak and Ram Vijay are bedfellows in the political game. Kadak has special affection for Radhe (Jimmy) who had saved his life as a young boy. These men end up coming together or fighting and killing each other even as the audience could be least bothered. Vast chunks of the story are narrated lazily by Jackie’s voiceover. The makers may tom-tom the geographical, linguistic and cultural authenticity but the film should have something new to offer. Phamous is an endlessly documented story of rivalry and revenge.

In this overtly male world, women have very little to do other than being propellers of action and/or toys for the men. A sub-plot involving Shriya Sharan plays out in the second half as an afterthought. Mahie Gill makes an appearance only to vanish quickly. Also someone please give Brijendra Kala more than a walk on role so that the ace actor can go beyond peddling those familiar mannerisms.

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