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I feel everything is designed, says NTR

NTR in Aravinda Sametha Veera Raghava  

Aravinda Sametha Veera Raghava could well be a catharsis for N.T. Rama Rao Jr. The content in the film has a similarity with his life. The story, like the title, is strong and lengthy and revolves around giving importance to women. Violence has been a constant topic in films and various perceptions have come to the fore and Aravinda Sametha... is another take on how to stop violence and what is the importance of a woman’s life in man’s view.

Rao, or Jr NTR as he is fondly called, says when he heard the title, he felt it was a genuine and an apt one. “When you write a story, there is an underlined message which is helping society. Anger is a part of navarasa; it is not necessary that it has to be a vital part. There is a saying in the film that goes Yuddham chese satta lenodiki shanti adigey hakku ledhu. Unless you see and taste the bitter side of life, you will not be able to find a solution to it. There have been many films on faction backdrop but in each one of them, solution is shown in a different way.”

On his association with director Trivikram Srinivas, NTR says, “I have been friends with Trivikaram for 14 years and there’s no pressure to deliver a hit. I started realising the fact that it is not the end result, it is the process I should enjoy. Though the result is bad you still enjoy the journey because it brings a lasting change in you and gives you a sense of fulfilment. We delivered something what we liked.”

There is no set pattern or method to deliver a super hit film. Aravinda Sametha... is something one has to experience rather than sit and talk about. It is not very violent and ferocious in tone, it is everything a Trivikram film has to be, says NTR. He believes nothing should be pushed, otherwise it will become a struggle. “I feel everything is designed and we are just taking steps towards it. Whether the journey will be a bed of roses or thorns, time will tell.”

Recalling the tragic demise of his father, the late actor Harikrishna in a road accident, NTR says, “We weren’t prepared. Dad always said move on. None of us are above all this, just that we faced it. Chaala Kshanikamaina Jeevitham idhi. Kshanikanga bathukuthunnam. It was tough in a way but we had to gather ourselves. I had to think about mom and kids. I am trying to unload a lot of baggage from within me, we lead a pretentious phase of being very brave.”

NTR says the song Ram Rudiram... is relevant to what is happening in his life. “This was conceived before his death and it turned out to be coincidental.”

The actor is not amused by the classification of a mass and a class film and his projects being labelled as typical NTR film with the regular dose of dances and fights. He says firmly, “I am not a dancer, I am an actor. The songs should be an extension of storytelling but not an item. We are going back to our roots now. We are narrating our stories genuinely and confidently. Such films are working. Due to change in generation, we had seen commercially appealing cinema and now we are in the process of seeing some songs that push the story. There is no such thing like a typical NTR film.”

The Peniviti song in the movie was coincidental, says NTR. “A song sung by a woman is being repeated by a man. It is Trivikram’s song. If I had insisted on a typical song and dance sequence I would have lost out on Peniviti. It was recorded four months back and I cherish it.”

Speaking about the film’s influence on him, NTR says, “I have become a better parent and a husband — a better actor and a better person too.”

Finally ask him, what he did to get back in proper shape, he recalls what the director told him. He was weighing more than 80 kilos and Trivikarm wanted him to be fit. A trainer he hired brought about a great change. He avers, “It is a lifestyle change that I incorporated. My wife is stepping up her workouts post pregnanacy. She says I inspired her.”

On life goals NTR says, “Right now I want to tell stories to my children and continue with the grandchildren. Every morning when I wake up, I realise it’s a bonus to me. My dad who left at 4.30am never came back, so isn’t this life a bonus? We have to be content. Even if it’s just one film, I want to do it to see my mom happy. The experience of a hit or a flop film is momentary. It matters to my fans though and I am lucky to get this love and affection from them.

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