‘Nenapirali’ Prem talks about his latest film, Premam Poojyam

He is known as the Lovely Star Prem and his film, Premam Poojyam, is now scheduled for a November release. The actor, known for his lover boy image on screen in Kannada films, once again dons the romantic hat for Premam Poojyam. The film also features Brinda Acharya and Aindrita Ray and is directed by Dr Raghavendra. This films is his 25th release in Kannada and about Premam Poojyam, he states: “I play a lover boy again, but, the only difference in this film is that the character also matures in the story as it covers his journey from 18 to mid- 40s. Besides romance, the film is also about bonding and includes a lot of sentiments,” say the actor who started off his career with TN Seetharam’s Manvanthara on the small screen.

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He says he is “happy in the way the OTT and TV is booming today. It is good for a producer as he gets many platforms to stream his film besides theatres. But, as an actor, I tend to lean towards the cinema theatre, specially single screens. They are also a part of our family and need to be kept alive. Hence, I believe a balance between watching films on OTT and theatres will be great.”

‘Nenapirali’ Prem talks about his latest film, Premam Poojyam

And the actor also observes that “Almost every one is doubled vaccinated and theatres are also taking every care to sanitise the place after every show. So looking forward to life and cinema slowly chugging back to normalcy,” says Prem, who is also known as ‘Nenapirali’ (his debut film by the same name, directed by R Chandru) Prem. Ask him if the prefix has forced him to don the lover boy image on screen and he responds, “Cinema is my livelihood and if people like to see me as a lover boy on screen, I have to do it without complaining. After all they make the effort, spending time and money to come and watch us. Hence, its my duty to deliver what is expected of me. But, then again, that will not restrict me from exploring other roles either.”

Besides this, he is also a part of a film on Field Marshal Cariappa. “There has not been much development there but the logistics -- like the research, seeking permission for the shoot in historical places -- have all been done. I am looking forward to this film as it is based on true life events. I suddenly feel like a child as I have to study about the renowned Field Marshal and his place in history.” This film will be directed by Raghavendra, who has also directed Premam Poojyam.

Besides cinema, Prem is also passionate about weaving. Hailing from a family of weavers, Prem watched his father, Basappa, work on the family power-looms. “I am proud of my heritage and my entire family is into weaving. I am also passionate about handlooms and worked for 13 years in that field, reviving and learning every nuance of the craft from my father. In fact, I managed our family looms. But sustenance was tough. Our weavers are skilled and create exquisite textiles, but lack marketing skills. When we were in dire straits I shifted to acting. Soon, I hope to do something for the weaving and textile community. But, today people are aware of what they wear, but weavers need to learn to expose their crafts and products as the overseas market is great for such products.”

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